Sunday, December 15, 2013

Product Review: Specialized Body Geometry Contour XL Locking Grips

     Specialized has outdone themselves, as a leading producer, within the realm of cycling. Although they have been receiving negative publicity, as of late, while attempting to protect company trademarks, the Specialized train has not stopped moving. Producing the entire package, including helmets, shoes, clothing, tires, and bicycles, very little eludes Specialized. One of the best Specialized products that I have had a wonderful experience with are the Body Geometry Contour XL Locking Grips.
     The Contour grips are perfect for an endurance mountain biker or commuter looking for extreme hand comfort. After completing a 12 hour endurance mountain bike race with basic, non-ergonomic locking grips, my hands were in a dark place. I was experiencing shooting pain up both of my arms upon riding over natural elements that posed no trouble earlier in the race. It was at the conclusion of this race that I knew change needed to take place. I had heard of endurance mountain bike racers using ergonomically shaped locking grips. Therefore, I figured that it would be in my best interest to follow the path of the professionals and draw from their experience. Recently, I completed an 8.5 hour endurance mountain bike ride with the Specialized Contour grips and no excessive hand pain was experienced. I would recommend using the grips without padded gloves to avoid hot spots. These grips provide enough of a platform for increased comfort but also a platform that is minimal enough to maintain control at all times.
     What the Specialized Contour grips make up for in comfort, they do not lack in control and confidence. The platform provided by the grips is the ideal size. The palm of the hand can sit comfortably on the grip and allow for increased comfort and support. On the contrary, many ergonomically shaped grips, with a platform, provide a base that is bulky and excessive. A bulky platform can cause a decreased comfort level on even mildly technical descents. The contact points on a bicycle (grips, seat, and pedals) are imperative to have sorted out for optimal ride potential. Through the use of the Contour grips, it is possible to ride for extended periods of time without hand fatigue interrupting.
     The final piece that allows the Specialized Contour grips to stand out is the simplicity they offer, in all aspects. The fact that this is a locking grip allows for it to be fastened to the handlebars using a 3 mm wrench head. There is no need to work up a sweat while installing these to your handlebars. Also, because of the locking style, adjusting the angle of the platform may be performed with ease. As in all products by Specialized, simplicity and durability tend to separate them from the crowd.
     In conclusion, the Specialized Body Geometry Contour XL Locking Grips are wonderful. They are ideal for both endurance mountain bikers and commuters. The comfort, control, and simplicity they offer are outstanding. In my time using these grips, I have not yet found a negative. For more information, please visit Thank you very much for reading. If you feel so inclined, please leave a comment below with any recommendations or suggestions. I am always looking for additional products to review.  

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Product Review: Bontrager 29-0 Tire

     Bontrager is commonly known as a producer of components, accessories, apparel, and shoes for a wide variety of cycling disciplines. Although Bontrager is not considered a brand name producer of bicycles, they certainly manufacture reliable pieces of equipment. In recent years, Bontrager was the title sponsor of the Bontrager Development Cycling Team that now has Bissell as their title sponsor. The Bontrager 29-0 tire, similar to other Bontrager products, is excellent. The tire is light and fast for cross-country mountain bike racing. The main downside of the tire is its inability to perform well in a variety of conditions. Bontrager has seemingly outdone themselves through placing such an outstanding product on the market.
Bontrager 29-0 Tire

     The primary advantage of the Bontrager 29-0 tire is its feathery weight. For cross-country mountain bike racing, this tire is certainly a necessity. The reduced weight provides increased climbing speed with less effort needed. Saving weight is terms of rolling mass is a massive accomplishment. The light weight leads to higher speeds in firm, tacky trail settings. Bontrager advertises the 29x2.1 mountain bike tire, which was tested, as a mere 430 grams. With a tire weighing in at less than one pound, it is mentally and physically inspiring.
Bontrager 29-0 Tire Tread Pattern
     The tread design of the Bontrager 29-0 tire is flawless for its intended purpose. This tire is ideal for a firm, tacky trail setting. When the tire is new, the tread does a phenomenal job of rolling quickly while maintaining control. The side knob and rounded design of the tire are great for cornering. Due to the fact that the tire knob is reduced to begin with, the tread does wear out rather quickly. This is unfortunate since the tire does come with a hefty price. However, this is a tire that should be considered for racing only. As a whole, the Bontrager 29-0 tire performs extremely well.
    This particular tire does contain a few drawbacks. The first being its inability to easily adapt to trail conditions. This tire does a great job of performing on ideal trail conditions. However, loose over hardpack trail conditions are far from perfect. The tire does roll well over loose over hardpack conditions but cornering at high speeds is twitchy at best. Rocky conditions also give this tire trouble because of its narrow profile and thin sidewall. Bontrager does a fantastic job of covering for this race specific tire with a wide variety of tire choices for the worst conditions.
     Overall, the Bontrager 29-0 tire is well suited for its intended purpose. This is a tire primarily designed for hero trail conditions and racing. The weight of the tire is hardly noticeable which leads to it rolling with great fluidity. The tire is held back by its inability to have an extended life and perform well in multiple trail conditions. For more details on the Bontrager 29-0 tire please visit or leave a question in the comments section below. Thank you very much for reading.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fuel for the Ride

     Cycling, being a rigorous and energy taxing sport, requires consistent fueling both on and off the bike. Personally, I tend to take more of an old-school approach to fueling on the bike and do not eat if I am riding for three hours or less. Also, I will only drink water. However, while taking part in high intensity workouts, races, or rides of three hours or more, I must take on enough fuel to avoid the dreaded "bonk." "Bonking" or "hitting the wall" is feared by all cyclists and occurs when the human body is ill-prepared and not able to sustain a particular level of intensity for an extended period of time. In order to avoid breaking down, I suggest a few different types of foods and methods to absorb calories during a ride. Companies including CLIF, Hammer Nutrition, Gu Energy Labs, PowerBar, Skratch Labs, and Osmo Nutrition, all provide cycling nutrition supplements and recommendations on how many calories and how much liquid  to take on board per hour. In my experience, fueling is strictly personal and no one knows the limit of your body better than you.
     While cycling, many people will consume a mixture of whole foods, bars, gels, and liquid fuel to continue advancing. Below, I have listed a variety of foods and drinks to assist in helping you feel better and last longer on your next ride. These are only recommendations and some options may work better than others. I tend to eat a wide variety of foods throughout the course of a ride for both variety and pleasure.

Whole Foods/Non-Cycling Company Branded Food:
-Rice Cakes
-Apple slices
-Fig Newtons
-Salt and Vinegar Chips
-Flat Coca-Cola

Cycling Related Foods:
-Energy Bites
-Drink mix
CLIF Bar, Hammer Nutrition Gels, PowerBar Energy Shots, and CLIF Blocks
     During your next adventure, try to consume a wide variety of foods with sustainable energy, (rice cakes, bars) mixed in with instant energy (Snickers, gels, blocks). Hammer Nutrition provides wonderful starting points for both food and liquid consumption. The recommendations may be viewed here. For any additional questions on proper nutrition and fueling throughout the course of a cycling ride please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Product Review: Louis Garneau X-Lite Helmet

     Louis Garneau tends to be known throughout a variety of communities due to being such an expansive sporting company. However, within the realm of cycling, Louis Garneau produces a variety of innovative and affordable pieces. The Louis Garneau X-Lite helmet is on the cutting-edge of technology. Through my own testing of the helmet, I was able to come away with many positives but also a couple of negatives. The X-Lite helmet is wonderful because of the sleek design and ventilation that it offers. Unfortunately, the X-Lite helmet did not provide a reassuring fit and the overall helmet weight proved to be a discrepancy.
     In terms of the positives, the X-Lite helmet is certainly a well manufactured piece of equipment. For better or for worse, cycling helmets have never been attractive but Louis Garneau is providing hope for improvements in design. Also, this particular helmet provided immense amounts of ventilation. With the increased use of aerodynamic road helmets, cycling helmets seems to have fallen away from providing breathability. Louis Garneau has stuck to their roots and continued to provide well engineered products for their sponsored teams, which include Europcar, and customers. Louis Garneau is extraordinary when it comes to balancing the design, testing, production, and marketing of equipment.
     Regarding the negatives, on a personal level, the Louis Garneau X-Lite helmet was not worthwhile in terms of comfort and proper fit. The internal lining of the helmet was flimsy and did not provide as much firm support as I would prefer. The support structure of the helmet does include an adjustable dial, in the rear, to tighten or loosen accordingly. Also, the overall weight of the helmet is curious. Louis Garneau advertises the helmet weight as both 190 and 195 grams on their website. Upon weighing the helmet myself, I found the weight to be 242 grams. Although Louis Garneau is on a forward moving path, these are the small kinks that stood out in my mind.

Internal Support Structure
Helmet Weight, 242 grams

     Overall, the Louis Garneau X-Lite helmet proved to be a sleek piece of equipment but it was not my favorite helmet. Portions of the helmet that were not overly impressive included the fit and weight. However, please keep in mind that I was the sole tester for this review. This helmet may fit other people very well. For more information on the Louis Garneau X-Lite helmet, please visit their website. Thank you very much for reading this review and stay tuned for more updates on cycling products and information.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bikes 4 Orphans

     Bikes 4 Orphans is an organization that was founded by my dear friend and classmate, Sebouh Bazikian, with the primary goal of donating bicycles to children and young adults at the Machao Orphanage in Kenya. Bikes 4 Orphans is currently run by Sebouh Bazikian, Shawnt Bazikian, Alex Chraghchian, and myself, Sean Bird. This past summer, Sebouh flew to Kenya and donated a total of forty-three bicycles to the Machao Orphanage, through the World Bicycle Relief. Please find a video of the delivery here. With the assistance of a loyal and convenient bicycle, orphans are able to drastically reduce their travel time to and from school, which used to require approximately two hours, and work. Also, one orphan was able to visit a far-reaching family member, for the first time in two years, because of the bicycle that he received. Recently, the Focus on Children Now (FCN) non-profit organization adopted Bikes 4 Orphans as a branch of their organization. Bikes 4 Orphans has been noticeably busy in the past and looks to continue improving the lives of underprivileged orphans in the future.
     Publicity has been instrumental in continuing the promotion of Bikes 4 Orphans and the idea of spreading a positive message. Articles have been written in Pasadena Now, Crescenta Valley Weekly, Glendale News-Press, and the Los Angeles Times regarding work which has been accomplished by Bikes 4 Orphans. Recently, Bikes 4 Orphans was a feature story on KNBC4 and the video may be viewed here. In the near future, October 26th, 2013, Bikes 4 Orphans will be hosting their first annual Hike-a-thon and Bike-a-thon in order to raise awareness and proceeds for the project. Event information may be viewed at Please come out to support Bikes 4 Orphans and the future of the group.   
     To provide a summary, Bikes 4 Orphans is looking to continue making a positive difference in the lives of underprivileged orphans. Since Sebouh's visit to Kenya this past summer, thirty-two more bicycles have been generously pledged by the Rotary Club of Glendale. With the continued assistance of communities encompassing the globe, Bikes 4 Orphans will succeed in their mission. For additional updates on Bikes 4 Orphans, please locate the group on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you very much and we hope to see you at the first annual Hike-a-thon and Bike-a-thon fundraiser on October 26th, 2013.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Product Review: Specialized Body Geometry Gel Long Finger Glove

Specialized Body Geometry Gel Long Finger Glove
     Specialized is an extremely advanced and expansive provider for the cycling industry with a product line ranging from bicycles, components, wheels, tires, helmets, shoes, clothing, accessories, and much more. It is likely that, as a consumer, Specialized possesses just about any product. One particular product from Specialized which I have had great success with is the Body Geometry (BG) Gel glove. The BG Gel glove stands out because of the wonderful padding and support which it provides, the convenient wiretap technology, and microwipe cloth. 
Gel Padding

     While selecting a new pair of gloves, one of the deciding factors may bank on whether or not to purchase a pair with padding. For use with mountain biking, the gel padding on the BG Gel glove makes a dynamic difference in performance. Regardless of the terrain being ridden, over time mountain bikers are bound to begin feeling the beating which their bodies are taking. With comfort relief in important places, such as the hands, it is possible to continue moving forward without nagging pains. Amazingly, even with the additional comfort relief and cushion provided by the gel padding, no amount of control is lost. Many cyclists ride with no gloves or gloves with minimal padding in order to be in closer contact with their equipment. However, the BG Gel glove does not cause an inability to control the handlebars. Also, the additional bulk from the padding does not adversely affect reaching into a jersey pocket.
Wiretap Technology
     Specialized has continued the use of their Wiretap technology for the 2014 product line. More than anything, the Wiretap technology is simply convenient for the cyclist looking to snap a quick picture or respond to a message while out riding. Wiretap technology allows for touch screen devices to be used without removing a glove. Unfortunately, the Wiretap technology is not supremely reliable. In order to use the technology with a touch screen device it is imperative make direct contact. Thus, typical finger dexterity is thrown out the window. Essentially, the technology may only be utilized while touching the screen of a device with a straight finger. While this may be nit-picking, it is important to reveal. 
     Lastly, the BG Gel glove is comfortable because of the microwipe cloth, located on the thumb of each glove. More and more producers of gloves are including a friendly material on the thumb of the glove. With Specialized, the microwipe cloth is ideal for wiping a runny nose without irritating skin.
     Overall, the multi-faceted and superior Specialized Body Geometry Gel glove is ideal for any cyclist but specifically mountain bikers. Through incorporating comfortable gel padding, Wiretap technology, and a microwipe cloth, it is possible to ride and explore for an extended period of time without the need to remove a glove for any small tasks. I highly recommend this particular glove for anyone experiencing hand pain while riding due to rough terrain, a lack of cushion, or highly sensitive hands. For more information of the Specialized Body Geometry Gel glove, please visit Thank you very much for reading and please feel free to leave a comment below.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Product Review: Quarq Elsa 10R Power Meter

Quarq Elsa 10R Power Meter
Quarq Elsa 10R Power Meter

For more information on the Quarq Elsa 10R Power Meter, please visit Thank you very much for watching and reading.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Links I Love

     Due to the extended period of time which I did not post for, I figured that I would publish another quick blog about a few of my favorite cycling related links. Although there may be many resources to gain cycling related information, here are a few which I visited regularly (every single day) in order to stay up to date and in the loop.

1. VeloNews,
VeloNews is a great source for race results and a behind the scenes look at what is taking place at major races. VeloNews primarily reports on road racing and they have a great section which is called, "Rider Diaries". The "Rider Diaries" are usually written by rising talent and it is very interesting to see their descriptions of racing and what takes place while they are not racing. VeloNews is my number one source for cycling news.

2. Bicycling,
Bicycling is a great source to read because of their many interesting feature stories. Rarely do I go to Bicycling for information on the latest race results. Instead, I head to their site for detailed descriptions of products and what they recommend. One of my favorite features from Bicycling is the "Guide to Power Meter Metrics" article. Numerous features exist which are worth checking out.

3. YouTube,
YouTube is wonderful when it comes to just about any information. However, plenty of cycling teams and cycling related companies have their own channels where they post videos. Global Cycling Network is hosted by former professionals who seem to be able to gather information no one else would have the ability or opportunity to. GatoradeUK, primarily revolving around Team Sky, offers a look into the beliefs and traditions of Team Sky while exploring Gatorade sports science facilities. The final channel which I highly recommend is BehindtheBarriers. BehindtheBarriers, filmed during the Fall and Winter, is hosted by the comedic, cyclocross stud Jeremy Powers. Powers allows a camera crew to follow him at races, in his hotel rooms, at grocery stores, and many other locations. BehindtheBarriers is a true look at what the life of a pro cyclist is all about. Powers enjoys a light, fun-loving atmosphere which is noticeable in his short films.

     Enjoy the above links and be sure to comment with any recommendations. Thank you for reading and be sure to check back in soon. 

Product Review: Bell Gage Helmet

     Bell, an American manufacturer of helmets, has certainly made their presence felt in and around the world of professional cycling. The international cycling team of Belkin and the domestic cycling team of UnitedHealthcare both sport the Bell brand in training and competition. Bell is a subsidiary of Easton-Bell Sports and owns the brand of Giro. Although Bell may not be as much of a name brand as a company like Specialized, they produce reliable and comfortable equipment which is constantly evolving.
     The top-of-the-line road cycling helmet which Bell produces, the Gage, is outstanding for a few distinct reasons. First, the Gage helmet is well-spoken due to its comfortable fit. While riding for an extended period of time, it is imperative for the rider to have a comfortable helmet which poses no issues. The Gage is equipped with easily adjustable ear straps and a dial tightening system. Additionally, the use of X-Static padding on the inside of the helmet provides necessary cushion. Conveniently, Bell provides extra X-Static padding upon purchase of the helmet. It is important to keep in mind that all helmets fit people differently so be sure to find what works best for you.

Ear Straps
Dial Tightening System
X-Static Padding

     Amazingly, with so many features to provide extra comfort and security, Bell is able to keep their Gage helmet extremely light. Weighing in at only 240 grams, it is hardly noticeable. The light weight of the Gage may be what causes it to feel quite breathable. Through the elimination of unnecessary material, 26 vents exist and allow for maximum cooling. Although the Gage may seem light beyond belief and an open shell with so many vents, I can honestly say that is substantial enough to cause no concerns regarding safety. Bell certainly succeeds in walking the line between performance and safety.
     Lastly, the Gage is a wonderful helmet due to its durability. Regardless of the weather, this helmet does not show any signs of wear and tear. Washing the Gage out after it collects grime allows for it to constantly be restored to a brand new feel. Nothing is better than strapping on a helmet which is as good as new.
     The Bell Gage is my helmet of choice because of its comfortable fit, light weight, cooling ability, and durability. Truthfully, the only issue I have ever experienced with the Bell Gage helmet was originally setting the ear straps to the appropriate height. However, after the initial set-up they have been perfect. For more information on the Bell Gage helmet, be sure to check out the link below. Thank you for reading.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Product Review: Light and Motion Urban 550 Headlight

     Light and Motion produces a wide variety of lighting, fit for just about all scenarios. Ranging from cycling to diving to outdoor lighting, with simplicity in terms of size and convenience to extravagance in terms of brightness, Light and Motion certainly have all of the bases covered. Anyone looking to light up the night, or any poorly lit setting for that matter, needs to check them out. Light and Motion certainly stand out compared to other companies for quite a few reasons.
     The Urban 550 has been the ideal headlight for early morning rides and rides which take place on the brink of dusk. Although it may not be quite powerful enough for pitch-black conditions, it is ideal when there is still a small amount of light to work with. One of the most simple, yet effective, features of the Urban 550, and other Light and Motion products, is the use of a rubber strap for attachment purposes.Unlike other products which involve bulky lock down clamps, the use of a rubber strap assures a secure grip at all times. The narrow strap also makes it easy to fit on curved handlebars or handlebars where cabling or bar tape may be  an issue. The one downside of the rubber strap is the possibility of fraying the edges and causing the material around the attachment holes to break down. Fortunately, Light and Motion offers inexpensive repair straps on their website.
     The Urban 550 is equipped with four total settings, one of which is a flashing setting. While on the high setting the light will last for about 1:30 hours and on the flashing setting the light will last for about 18:00 hours. If the battery ever does run dry, it may be easily recharged with a USB attachment. On the sides of the headlight are yellow pieces of plastic where light shines out to alert cross-traffic. This is another simple but very important piece of engineering. The same idea is used on taillights by Light and Motion to make sure all angles are covered.
     The Urban 550 has an extremely sleek design which is straight to the point. With the necessities all covered, it is a safe and reliable piece of equipment. The fact that the light comes in at only 112 grams is an added bonus. My personal testing proved to be slightly different but what difference does two grams make in the long run. 
    Overall, the Light and Motion Urban 550 headlight is perfect for any type of rider. It completely surpassed my expectations and I am sure you will say the same thing after getting your hands on one of these. Be sure to check out other products by Light and Motion on their website, Thank you for reading.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Product Review: Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses

Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses
     Oakley, producers of a wide range of products, is well known for their multiple styles of sunglasses amongst the sport of cycling. A commonly worn pair of sunglasses is the Oakley Radar Path which comes in a wide range of colors and modifications. A wonderful attribute of Oakley products is the ability to customize to ones liking. Recently, Mark Cavendish of Omega Pharma-Quick Step produced a new personal line called "CVNDSH". The line included innovative products from many of his sponsors which included sunglasses from Oakley. The new Oakley sunglasses feature the color green to showcase the sprinting ability of the "Manx Missile". Not only are Oakley products extremely stylish but they are quite comfortable as well.
     The Oakley Radar Path sunglasses look extremely sleek and modern compared to numerous other  companies which produce unattractive designs. However, the style of Oakley does not compromise comfort by any means. One of the well thought out designs by Oakley is a small rubber nose piece which allows their sunglasses to stay in place and be worn pain free. The nose piece may be easily removed for quick cleaning.
Nose Piece
The Radar Path sunglasses also feature ear socks which, once again, allow for extreme comfort. The ear socks, interestingly enough, also allow for a surface to keep the sunglasses from moving around while in a cyclists helmet vents. Often times, cyclist will remove their sunglasses while climbing because their eyes are not in jeopardy of being dried out. 
Ear Socks
Oakley does a wonderful job designing the frame structure of their sunglasses and the sunglasses lens is no different. The lens performs an excellent job in repelling sunlight and keeping ones eyes feeling fresh. Sport sunglasses purchased directly from Oakley also come with an "anti-sweat" marker which prevents streaks from causing a blinding effect on the lens. A recommended cleaning agent is "Invisible Glass" which may be sprayed onto both the inside and outside of the lens and wiped off with a soft towel.
     Overall, the Oakley Radar Path sunglasses perform extremely well in many different circumstances. Personally, I could not distinguish a single negative from these sunglasses. Oakley has truly hit their mark and will continue to with their excellent line of sunglasses. For new and interesting designs, be sure to check out Thank you very much for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this blog post of the Oakley Radar Path sunglasses.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Product Review: Castelli CW 4.0 WS Glove

Castelli CW 4.0 WS Glove (Top/Bottom View)
     Castelli, in addition to Louis Garneau and Pearlizumi, is one of the more familiar cycling clothing brands throughout the United States. Currently, the American based UCI Pro Team Garmin-Sharp is the most successful professional cycling team wearing Castelli product. Garmin-Sharp is the team of the 2012 Giro d' Italia Champion, Ryder Hesjedal, and the 2011 Paris-Roubaix winner, Johan Vansummeren. Hesjedal, Vansummeren, and the remainder of Team Garmin-Sharp have been sheltered by their Castelli clothing throughout the early season classics and stage races in Europe which experienced horrendous weather conditions.
     Personally, one of the great Castelli products which I have used is their CW 4.0 WS Glove which is well-versed in cold and dry, as well as cold and wet weather conditions. Castelli claims that this glove is best used within the temperature range of 41-53.6 degress Fahrenheit. However, the glove seems to hold up just fine in slightly cooler weather conditions that include wind. The outer shell, which includes a Gore Wind Stopper material, is adequate for keeping the cold out and the warm in. Also on the outside, the palm is constructed with a shock absorbing rubber layer in select places. The rubber layer also provides an extraordinary amount of grip. Inside of the glove is Thinsulate Insulation and a fleece lining at the cuff. The strong points of this particular Castelli glove are many, while the negatives number very few.
     The main downside of the Castelli CW 4.0 WS Glove is the dexterity which it provides. Having great dexterity is essential while cycling. At times, the glove feels bulky, similar to a snow glove, and it is quite difficult to reach into a jersey pocket and grab a quick bite of food when necessary. However, the slightly bulkier feel allows for constant fingertip feeling in frigid conditions which is far better than reaching into a jersey pocket without being able to feel your hands. I have found that the glove is well suited for longer road descents when it is imperative to keep your hands warm but it is not ideal for mountain biking which demands quite a bit more control at all times.
     Overall, I enjoy the Castelli CW 4.0 WS Glove very much and will continue to use it as necessary. Castelli has done a fantastic job with the design of this product, in addition to many other products. Castelli has recently received large amounts of praise for their Gabba Jersey. The Gabba Jersey is known for being aerodynamic but also water repellent which has caused many non-Castelli sponsored UCI Pro Teams to wear the jersey, unmarked. Teams are concerned with being sponsor correct now-a-days but many could not stay away from this ground-breaking article of clothing.
     Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my product review of the Castelli CW 4.0 WS Glove. Be sure to keep it mind when you are shopping for winter cycling clothing later this year. Stay tuned for more product reviews soon.

Link: Castelli CW 4.0 WS Glove