Monday, July 22, 2013

Product Review: Light and Motion Urban 550 Headlight

     Light and Motion produces a wide variety of lighting, fit for just about all scenarios. Ranging from cycling to diving to outdoor lighting, with simplicity in terms of size and convenience to extravagance in terms of brightness, Light and Motion certainly have all of the bases covered. Anyone looking to light up the night, or any poorly lit setting for that matter, needs to check them out. Light and Motion certainly stand out compared to other companies for quite a few reasons.
     The Urban 550 has been the ideal headlight for early morning rides and rides which take place on the brink of dusk. Although it may not be quite powerful enough for pitch-black conditions, it is ideal when there is still a small amount of light to work with. One of the most simple, yet effective, features of the Urban 550, and other Light and Motion products, is the use of a rubber strap for attachment purposes.Unlike other products which involve bulky lock down clamps, the use of a rubber strap assures a secure grip at all times. The narrow strap also makes it easy to fit on curved handlebars or handlebars where cabling or bar tape may be  an issue. The one downside of the rubber strap is the possibility of fraying the edges and causing the material around the attachment holes to break down. Fortunately, Light and Motion offers inexpensive repair straps on their website.
     The Urban 550 is equipped with four total settings, one of which is a flashing setting. While on the high setting the light will last for about 1:30 hours and on the flashing setting the light will last for about 18:00 hours. If the battery ever does run dry, it may be easily recharged with a USB attachment. On the sides of the headlight are yellow pieces of plastic where light shines out to alert cross-traffic. This is another simple but very important piece of engineering. The same idea is used on taillights by Light and Motion to make sure all angles are covered.
     The Urban 550 has an extremely sleek design which is straight to the point. With the necessities all covered, it is a safe and reliable piece of equipment. The fact that the light comes in at only 112 grams is an added bonus. My personal testing proved to be slightly different but what difference does two grams make in the long run. 
    Overall, the Light and Motion Urban 550 headlight is perfect for any type of rider. It completely surpassed my expectations and I am sure you will say the same thing after getting your hands on one of these. Be sure to check out other products by Light and Motion on their website, Thank you for reading.

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