Sunday, September 15, 2013

Links I Love

     Due to the extended period of time which I did not post for, I figured that I would publish another quick blog about a few of my favorite cycling related links. Although there may be many resources to gain cycling related information, here are a few which I visited regularly (every single day) in order to stay up to date and in the loop.

1. VeloNews,
VeloNews is a great source for race results and a behind the scenes look at what is taking place at major races. VeloNews primarily reports on road racing and they have a great section which is called, "Rider Diaries". The "Rider Diaries" are usually written by rising talent and it is very interesting to see their descriptions of racing and what takes place while they are not racing. VeloNews is my number one source for cycling news.

2. Bicycling,
Bicycling is a great source to read because of their many interesting feature stories. Rarely do I go to Bicycling for information on the latest race results. Instead, I head to their site for detailed descriptions of products and what they recommend. One of my favorite features from Bicycling is the "Guide to Power Meter Metrics" article. Numerous features exist which are worth checking out.

3. YouTube,
YouTube is wonderful when it comes to just about any information. However, plenty of cycling teams and cycling related companies have their own channels where they post videos. Global Cycling Network is hosted by former professionals who seem to be able to gather information no one else would have the ability or opportunity to. GatoradeUK, primarily revolving around Team Sky, offers a look into the beliefs and traditions of Team Sky while exploring Gatorade sports science facilities. The final channel which I highly recommend is BehindtheBarriers. BehindtheBarriers, filmed during the Fall and Winter, is hosted by the comedic, cyclocross stud Jeremy Powers. Powers allows a camera crew to follow him at races, in his hotel rooms, at grocery stores, and many other locations. BehindtheBarriers is a true look at what the life of a pro cyclist is all about. Powers enjoys a light, fun-loving atmosphere which is noticeable in his short films.

     Enjoy the above links and be sure to comment with any recommendations. Thank you for reading and be sure to check back in soon. 

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