Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bikes 4 Orphans

     Bikes 4 Orphans is an organization that was founded by my dear friend and classmate, Sebouh Bazikian, with the primary goal of donating bicycles to children and young adults at the Machao Orphanage in Kenya. Bikes 4 Orphans is currently run by Sebouh Bazikian, Shawnt Bazikian, Alex Chraghchian, and myself, Sean Bird. This past summer, Sebouh flew to Kenya and donated a total of forty-three bicycles to the Machao Orphanage, through the World Bicycle Relief. Please find a video of the delivery here. With the assistance of a loyal and convenient bicycle, orphans are able to drastically reduce their travel time to and from school, which used to require approximately two hours, and work. Also, one orphan was able to visit a far-reaching family member, for the first time in two years, because of the bicycle that he received. Recently, the Focus on Children Now (FCN) non-profit organization adopted Bikes 4 Orphans as a branch of their organization. Bikes 4 Orphans has been noticeably busy in the past and looks to continue improving the lives of underprivileged orphans in the future.
     Publicity has been instrumental in continuing the promotion of Bikes 4 Orphans and the idea of spreading a positive message. Articles have been written in Pasadena Now, Crescenta Valley Weekly, Glendale News-Press, and the Los Angeles Times regarding work which has been accomplished by Bikes 4 Orphans. Recently, Bikes 4 Orphans was a feature story on KNBC4 and the video may be viewed here. In the near future, October 26th, 2013, Bikes 4 Orphans will be hosting their first annual Hike-a-thon and Bike-a-thon in order to raise awareness and proceeds for the project. Event information may be viewed at Please come out to support Bikes 4 Orphans and the future of the group.   
     To provide a summary, Bikes 4 Orphans is looking to continue making a positive difference in the lives of underprivileged orphans. Since Sebouh's visit to Kenya this past summer, thirty-two more bicycles have been generously pledged by the Rotary Club of Glendale. With the continued assistance of communities encompassing the globe, Bikes 4 Orphans will succeed in their mission. For additional updates on Bikes 4 Orphans, please locate the group on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you very much and we hope to see you at the first annual Hike-a-thon and Bike-a-thon fundraiser on October 26th, 2013.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Product Review: Specialized Body Geometry Gel Long Finger Glove

Specialized Body Geometry Gel Long Finger Glove
     Specialized is an extremely advanced and expansive provider for the cycling industry with a product line ranging from bicycles, components, wheels, tires, helmets, shoes, clothing, accessories, and much more. It is likely that, as a consumer, Specialized possesses just about any product. One particular product from Specialized which I have had great success with is the Body Geometry (BG) Gel glove. The BG Gel glove stands out because of the wonderful padding and support which it provides, the convenient wiretap technology, and microwipe cloth. 
Gel Padding

     While selecting a new pair of gloves, one of the deciding factors may bank on whether or not to purchase a pair with padding. For use with mountain biking, the gel padding on the BG Gel glove makes a dynamic difference in performance. Regardless of the terrain being ridden, over time mountain bikers are bound to begin feeling the beating which their bodies are taking. With comfort relief in important places, such as the hands, it is possible to continue moving forward without nagging pains. Amazingly, even with the additional comfort relief and cushion provided by the gel padding, no amount of control is lost. Many cyclists ride with no gloves or gloves with minimal padding in order to be in closer contact with their equipment. However, the BG Gel glove does not cause an inability to control the handlebars. Also, the additional bulk from the padding does not adversely affect reaching into a jersey pocket.
Wiretap Technology
     Specialized has continued the use of their Wiretap technology for the 2014 product line. More than anything, the Wiretap technology is simply convenient for the cyclist looking to snap a quick picture or respond to a message while out riding. Wiretap technology allows for touch screen devices to be used without removing a glove. Unfortunately, the Wiretap technology is not supremely reliable. In order to use the technology with a touch screen device it is imperative make direct contact. Thus, typical finger dexterity is thrown out the window. Essentially, the technology may only be utilized while touching the screen of a device with a straight finger. While this may be nit-picking, it is important to reveal. 
     Lastly, the BG Gel glove is comfortable because of the microwipe cloth, located on the thumb of each glove. More and more producers of gloves are including a friendly material on the thumb of the glove. With Specialized, the microwipe cloth is ideal for wiping a runny nose without irritating skin.
     Overall, the multi-faceted and superior Specialized Body Geometry Gel glove is ideal for any cyclist but specifically mountain bikers. Through incorporating comfortable gel padding, Wiretap technology, and a microwipe cloth, it is possible to ride and explore for an extended period of time without the need to remove a glove for any small tasks. I highly recommend this particular glove for anyone experiencing hand pain while riding due to rough terrain, a lack of cushion, or highly sensitive hands. For more information of the Specialized Body Geometry Gel glove, please visit Thank you very much for reading and please feel free to leave a comment below.