Saturday, November 30, 2013

Product Review: Bontrager 29-0 Tire

     Bontrager is commonly known as a producer of components, accessories, apparel, and shoes for a wide variety of cycling disciplines. Although Bontrager is not considered a brand name producer of bicycles, they certainly manufacture reliable pieces of equipment. In recent years, Bontrager was the title sponsor of the Bontrager Development Cycling Team that now has Bissell as their title sponsor. The Bontrager 29-0 tire, similar to other Bontrager products, is excellent. The tire is light and fast for cross-country mountain bike racing. The main downside of the tire is its inability to perform well in a variety of conditions. Bontrager has seemingly outdone themselves through placing such an outstanding product on the market.
Bontrager 29-0 Tire

     The primary advantage of the Bontrager 29-0 tire is its feathery weight. For cross-country mountain bike racing, this tire is certainly a necessity. The reduced weight provides increased climbing speed with less effort needed. Saving weight is terms of rolling mass is a massive accomplishment. The light weight leads to higher speeds in firm, tacky trail settings. Bontrager advertises the 29x2.1 mountain bike tire, which was tested, as a mere 430 grams. With a tire weighing in at less than one pound, it is mentally and physically inspiring.
Bontrager 29-0 Tire Tread Pattern
     The tread design of the Bontrager 29-0 tire is flawless for its intended purpose. This tire is ideal for a firm, tacky trail setting. When the tire is new, the tread does a phenomenal job of rolling quickly while maintaining control. The side knob and rounded design of the tire are great for cornering. Due to the fact that the tire knob is reduced to begin with, the tread does wear out rather quickly. This is unfortunate since the tire does come with a hefty price. However, this is a tire that should be considered for racing only. As a whole, the Bontrager 29-0 tire performs extremely well.
    This particular tire does contain a few drawbacks. The first being its inability to easily adapt to trail conditions. This tire does a great job of performing on ideal trail conditions. However, loose over hardpack trail conditions are far from perfect. The tire does roll well over loose over hardpack conditions but cornering at high speeds is twitchy at best. Rocky conditions also give this tire trouble because of its narrow profile and thin sidewall. Bontrager does a fantastic job of covering for this race specific tire with a wide variety of tire choices for the worst conditions.
     Overall, the Bontrager 29-0 tire is well suited for its intended purpose. This is a tire primarily designed for hero trail conditions and racing. The weight of the tire is hardly noticeable which leads to it rolling with great fluidity. The tire is held back by its inability to have an extended life and perform well in multiple trail conditions. For more details on the Bontrager 29-0 tire please visit or leave a question in the comments section below. Thank you very much for reading.

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