Sunday, November 3, 2013

Product Review: Louis Garneau X-Lite Helmet

     Louis Garneau tends to be known throughout a variety of communities due to being such an expansive sporting company. However, within the realm of cycling, Louis Garneau produces a variety of innovative and affordable pieces. The Louis Garneau X-Lite helmet is on the cutting-edge of technology. Through my own testing of the helmet, I was able to come away with many positives but also a couple of negatives. The X-Lite helmet is wonderful because of the sleek design and ventilation that it offers. Unfortunately, the X-Lite helmet did not provide a reassuring fit and the overall helmet weight proved to be a discrepancy.
     In terms of the positives, the X-Lite helmet is certainly a well manufactured piece of equipment. For better or for worse, cycling helmets have never been attractive but Louis Garneau is providing hope for improvements in design. Also, this particular helmet provided immense amounts of ventilation. With the increased use of aerodynamic road helmets, cycling helmets seems to have fallen away from providing breathability. Louis Garneau has stuck to their roots and continued to provide well engineered products for their sponsored teams, which include Europcar, and customers. Louis Garneau is extraordinary when it comes to balancing the design, testing, production, and marketing of equipment.
     Regarding the negatives, on a personal level, the Louis Garneau X-Lite helmet was not worthwhile in terms of comfort and proper fit. The internal lining of the helmet was flimsy and did not provide as much firm support as I would prefer. The support structure of the helmet does include an adjustable dial, in the rear, to tighten or loosen accordingly. Also, the overall weight of the helmet is curious. Louis Garneau advertises the helmet weight as both 190 and 195 grams on their website. Upon weighing the helmet myself, I found the weight to be 242 grams. Although Louis Garneau is on a forward moving path, these are the small kinks that stood out in my mind.

Internal Support Structure
Helmet Weight, 242 grams

     Overall, the Louis Garneau X-Lite helmet proved to be a sleek piece of equipment but it was not my favorite helmet. Portions of the helmet that were not overly impressive included the fit and weight. However, please keep in mind that I was the sole tester for this review. This helmet may fit other people very well. For more information on the Louis Garneau X-Lite helmet, please visit their website. Thank you very much for reading this review and stay tuned for more updates on cycling products and information.

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