Sunday, January 5, 2014

Product Review: Castelli Diluvio Glove

Castelli Diluvio Glove
     Castelli, a renowned manufacturer of cycling clothing, has been making headlines in recent years due to their innovative, advanced technology. Cycling clothing is becoming better suited for all conditions year in and year out. Castelli has been at the cutting edge of producing effective pieces of clothing for both warm and cool conditions. The Castelli Diluvio glove is ideal for blustery and particularly wet conditions.
     Quite possibly the worst feeling on a bicycle is not being able to effectively use your hands due to cold and uncomfortable weather. The Castelli Diluvio glove performs extremely well in chilly climates. However, the main purpose of the Castelli Diluvio glove is to excel in wet and damp situations. The neoprene composition of the glove is similar to that of a wetsuit and it works well to keep water out. Typically, gloves become saturated with water once rain begins to fall, regardless of the rate. The use of neoprene with the Castelli Diluvio glove prevents water from impeding the progress of a ride. Unfortunately, the material that is imperative in setting this glove apart from the crowd limits its range of use.
     A downside of the Castelli Diluvio glove is its lack of breathability. This glove is only meant to be worn in frigid conditions. Ideally, this glove is to be used in a setting with temperatures of around 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit. Warmer weather leads to the feeling of sweaty, clammy hands. Castelli has a select purpose for this particular glove, along with the remainder of their neoprene line, and countless other options allow for constant comfort.
     In relation to comfort, the Castelli Diliuvio glove is snug and allows for an ideal amount of grip. Also, the glove does not slip and slide around due to a sleek, well placed gripper surface on the palm of the hand. The gripper, in addition to causing increased confidence while holding handlebars, makes the daunting task of reaching into jersey pockets, in the wet, bearable. This is a seemingly minute detail but every little bit counts in relation to improving a riders mindset while on the bike.
     Overall, the Castelli Diluvio glove is extremely impressive. It is ideally suited for cool and wet conditions. In these conditions, a feeling of assurance is easily recognizable. Unfortunately, when the sky breaks and the temperatures increase, this is not the right glove to use. Fortunately, Castelli has a wide line of gloves for all conditions. For more details on the Castelli Diluvio glove, please visit Thank you for reading. Please feel free to leave any questions and comments below. 

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