Thursday, February 13, 2014

Product Review: Pearlizumi Barrier Lite Shoe Covers

     Pearlizumi is always in competition with other high profile cycling clothing manufacturers, however they rank highly and hold their ground in a definitive manner through innovative designs. Pearlizumi produces a wide range of products and I have found their cold weather clothing to be particularly reliable. On first glance, the Pearlizumi Barrier Lite Shoe Covers may not be the ideal shoe cover for cold weather riding. With a deeper inspection, these shoe covers pass with flying colors in a variety of conditions. The shoe covers are also sleek and sized to fit for the cyclist who is particular about their equipment. Overall, the Pearlizumi Barrier Lite Shoe Covers are extraordinary because of the extra layer they provide for all climates but they certainly make you work for a beneficial result.
     In relation to the coverage of the Pearlizumi Barrier Lite Shoe Covers, I have worn these shoe covers with great results when it is in the mid-seventies or in the mid-thirties. Pearlizumi designed this shoe cover with the concept of aerodynamics in mind. Therefore, it is extremely tight fitting and not the most breathable. The only open slits on the shoe cover are for the cleat and heel. In a way, this design is what makes the shoe cover so versatile. After using this shoe cover in blistery conditions with a thin wool sock, my feet became warm quickly and did not go numb for even a second. The shoe covers can certainly be worn as temperatures elevate but they are specifically designed for a time trial or criterium effort that is shorter in length. After being so impressed with how the shoe covers performed, it was imperative to dive into the construction and design.
Openings for the Cleat and Heel with a reinforced Toe
     The making of the Pearlizumi Barrier Lite Shoe Covers was centered around aerodynamics and a tight fit. For this reason, the shoe covers can be a slight hassle to utilize. The lone fastener for the shoe covers is located around the high ankle. The fastener does provide an adequate, snug feeling. The one downside of the lone fastener being located so high is that extra material, on the front of the foot and near the top of the shoe, is left loose. Ordering the Barrier Lite Shoe Covers a size small may help to cure this issue. Other Pearlizumi shoe covers with velcro down the entire backside of the shoe cover fix this problem but aerodynamics are compromised causing a circular chase to ensue. After a few uses, the shoe covers do become easier to slide on over a road cleat but patience is needed to remove them.
Lone Fastener
     I have found the Pearlizumi Barrier Lite Shoe Covers to be extremely impressive, reliable, and well worth the slight difficulty of using. Pearlizumi offers a wide range of shoe covers for every cyclists particular needs but these seem to do the trick in a variety of mother natures flurries. Not only are they comfortable but the reliablility allows for consistent use without wear and tear. For more information on the Pearlizumi Barrier Lite Shoe Covers, please visit their site. Thank you very much for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the Pearlizumi Barrier Lite Shoe Covers.  

2014 Race Season

     The 2014 racing season is officially underway and I am ecstatic for what the future has to hold. My winter preparation went perfectly and living in Southern California certainly has its perks in relation to beautiful weather for cycling. I have competed on two weekends so far this year, however I am certainly easing into the season compared to years past.
     My main goals for the year are approaching rapidly and I will be looking to race well at the San Dimas Stage Race, in March, and this summer, all while working towards my Category 2 upgrade on the road. I am eager for the possibility of racing in Europe this summer with my new road team, Team Rokform, which is based out of Orange County. All in all, there is certainly a lot of work to be put in before then and I know that the best way to attack a season is one step at a time.
     This is only a brief update on how the year is shaping up for me. Please stay tuned for more updates as my off-season break from blog posting has come to a conclusion and I will be doing my best to post as often as possible but most likely on non-race weekends. Thank you for all of your support.