Sunday, June 15, 2014

Product Review: Louis Garneau Course Race Cycling Jersey

Louis Garneau Course Race Jersey

     Louis Garneau provides an extensive array of cycling and triathlon apparel and accessories with the ideal article for every athlete. Garneau focuses on a range of pieces, with different prices and levels. Therefore, they appeal to an extremely wide audience and do not hold back. The Louis Garneau Course Race Cycling Jersey is designed for the extreme cyclist who is fully committed. Although expensive, the return is extremely noticeable and worthwhile.

Pros: Material, Aerodynamic Fit, Ventilation, Gripper
Cons: Pockets

     The material of the Course is comfortable, smooth, and top of the line. Unlike a majority of jersey fabrics, this is is extremely innovative and rarely seen in jersey construction. The material is noticeably dynamic and ideal for the rider who is on the bike for extended periods of time. It is impossible to grow tired of a fabric that is gentle to the touch, stretchable, and aerodynamic. All of this comes in one package.

Aerodynamic Fit
     Above all else, this jersey was designed to be aerodynamic. The Course certainly accomplishes this mission. The sizing of the jersey is not traditional by any means. Typically, a size small jersey checks the box for me. However, a size large Course is plenty tight, while remaining aerodynamic. The sleeves of the jersey are elongated and snug, unlike a traditional jersey. Comfort is not comprised but it is necessary to confirm sizing.

Armpit and Neck Ventilation
     Unfortunately, the downside of numerous tight fitting and aerodynamic jerseys or skinsuits is a lack of ventilation. To counter this issue, Louis Garneau has included ventilation pockets in the armpit and neck regions of the Course. The armpit ventilation pockets make a noticeable difference but the neck section is inconsistent. Through combining specific venting material and an unbelievable jersey material, overheating is out of the equation.

      Louis Garneau is looking out for the consumer down to the last detail. Although it does not happen often, a jersey that rides up can be superbly annoying. A slight gripper is included with the Course. The gripper is powerful enough to lock onto a set of cycling shorts, while not providing irritation or discomfort. The Course is a fine example of engineering and innovation where Louis Garneau noticeably worked very hard on their design.

Angled Pockets
     The one downside of the Course jersey is the use of angled pockets. The reasoning is understandable, in the sense that oversized pockets make it difficult to retrieve items. Unfortunately, the Course pockets do not provide a feeling of comfort or security. This jersey seems to be limited to shorter excursions, as it is difficult to store food and tools in the two side pockets. Although the two side pockets are a questions mark, the center pocket gets the job done. The thought was spot on but the execution was subpar.

     Overall, the Louis Garneau Course Cycling Jersey is a knock out of the park. The material, aerodynamic nature, and ventilation are superb, all while focusing on the small details. This article of clothing is a step ahead of the competition and it will also benefit you in remaining ahead of the competition. For more information on the Course, please visit here. Thank you for reading.  

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