Thursday, July 31, 2014

Product Review: Headsweats Super Duty Headband

     A growing brand, in the cycling world, Headsweats popularly provides an array of athletic headwear designed for all occasions. Headsweats began to emerge, as a recognizable force, with their witty advertisements that commonly feature Bob Roll, throughout cycling races and events. Headsweats provides products for all occasions, especially pieces that are extremely applicable for exercising.

Pros: Sweat Absorption, Comfortable Fit, Low Profile, Cleanliness
Cons: Helmet Compatibility

Sweat Absorption
     As the primary mission of Headsweats, sweat absorption must be a key component. Needless to say, their design and materials pass the test with flying colors. After using the Headsweats Super Duty Headband, on numerous occasions, I have not had the experience of sweat passing this insurmountable barrier. Although it may not be necessary on light rides, the headband is a must for extended rides and intense efforts. There is nothing worse than having to remove eye protection because of sweat streaks that disturb vision. With an inexpensive but ideal piece of equipment, Headsweats has conquered this challenge.

Comfortable Fit/Low Profile
     Design and production with an "eventure knit fabric" allows for supreme comfort. At times, the headband is not noticeable, as it blends in with the helmet construction and fit. The low profile, of the headband, increases the ability for a smooth, ideal piece of equipment, which has the consumer wanting more.

     The cleanliness, of the headband, crosses two fields. While performing its job, the appearance, of the headband, is very incognito. It will perform the task at hand, while flying under the radar. Also, the headband is extremely simple to clean. It is machine washable, which is always a positive, and it dries in a jiffy, due to its limited appearance.

Helmet Compatibility
     Unfortunately, there is seemingly always a negative with outstanding pieces of equipment, especially for the time crunched cyclist. The headband takes a couple of extra minutes to don. After proper headband alignment, it is important to fully open the helmet retention system. This allows for the helmet to fit over the headband, prior to tightening the retention system and confirming the helmet is snug. This is the only downside of the Headsweats Super Duty Headband.
     Overall, the Headsweats Super Duty Headband is a must have for cyclists that have experienced the inconvenience of having compromised vision, due to perspiration. Please find more information, about Headsweats and this product, at: Thank you for reading. 

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