Thursday, August 21, 2014

Product Review: Lezyne Pressure Drive Hand Pump

     Lezyne stands out as an absolutely exceptional company, within the cycling industry. Through an intricate focus on premium engineering and manufacturing, they have excelled in the construction of numerous cycling accessories. With a product line that includes LED lights, shop tools, and pumps, there is an obvious focus on providing behind the scenes items, to the best of their ability. As sponsorship covers both Specialized Lululemon and Lotto Belisol, the professional female and male pelotons have been infiltrated with Lezyne products. It is now time to bring the Lezyne Pressure Drive hand pump to your local group ride.

Pros: Compact Nature to Barrel Extension, ABS Flex Hose, Presta/Shrader Compatibility
Cons: Timing

Compact Nature to Barrel Extension
     The Lezyne Pressure Drive hand pump has the capability to transform, from a compact stature, into an optimal inflation device. The massive barrel extension greatly reduces inflation time (to a maximum of 120psi), while increasing the amount of pressure that is being transferred. Although the Lezyne Pressure Drive is a slightly larger hand pump, it has capabilities that prevent the user from thinking twice about storage, especially during longer rides.

Complete extension. 

ABS Flex Hose
     Once a hand pump that includes an ABS flex hose is owned, it is impossible to retrieve a normal hand pump. What was previously overrated, in my mind, is now a necessity for every hand pump. The ABS flex hose cleanly transfers air between the hand pump and a presta/shrader valve stem. Without seeping air and continuous readjustment, it is possible to rapidly decrease the time needed to inflate a flat tire.

The ABS flex hose is stored inside of the Lezyne Pressure Drive hand pump. During use, it is screwed into the opposite end of the hand pump.

The ABS flex hose is firmly attached to the valve stem, through a threaded system. The flexible nature, of the hose, greatly reduces the possibility of breaking a valve stem, during inflation.

Lezyne has done an outstanding job of covering even the smallest details. At the head of the flex hose is a miniscule black button. After inflating a tire, simply press the black button and release any excess pressure that is stored within the hand pump. This design prevents air from escaping, once the flex hose is unscrewed from the valve stem. While using a floor pump, it is not uncommon to hear air escape, as the head of the floor pump is released from the valve stem. Lezyne has taken this issue out of the picture.

Presta/Shrader Compatibility
     As previously mentioned, the Lezyne Pressure Drive hand pump is compatible with both presta and shrader valves.

     The debate between CO2 devices and hand pumps may never end. During testing and use of the Lezyne Pressure Drive hand pump, there were no major downsides or flaws. However, a CO2 device does have the ability to inflate a tire in seconds. The Pressure Drive has the ability to inflate a tire, as quickly as someone is willing to pump. The use of CO2 has its time and place but I would not trade out the Lezyne Pressure Drive hand pump for a CO2 device.

     Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the Lezyne Pressure Drive hand pump. Its compact nature but extreme extension and brilliant design certainly made me a fan. For more information on Lezyne and the Lezyne Pressure Drive hand pump, please visit here. Thank you very much for reading. Please leave your comments and questions below.

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