Sunday, August 10, 2014

Product Review: Specialized S-Works Evade Helmet

Front view.
     The Specialized S-Works Evade Helmet checks all of the necessary boxes, in style, comfort, performance, and safety. Combining versatility and its multiple capabilities, this is a helmet fit for many occasions. For more information on the S-Works Evade, keep on scrolling!

Pros: Versatility, Aerodynamics, Airflow, Retention System, Sleek Design
Cons: Rear Strap, Sunglasses Placement

     The S-Works Evade has the potential to be used in just about any cycling discipline. Mark Cavendish races with the Evade, during road competitions. Tom Boonen races with the Evade, during the Spring Classics. Zdenek Stybar won the 2014 Cyclocross World Championships, with an Evade. Christoph Sauser and Rebecca Rusch wear the Evade, during extreme endurance mountain bike races. If you are looking for an advantage, the Evade is real possibility, regardless of pin-pointing a specific use.

     With an increasing interest in aerodynamics and aerodynamic helmets, it appears to be the craze of cycling. High-level Specialized sponsored athletes are known for providing feedback on prototype equipment. Tom Boonen, in particular, is known for having worn prototype shoes and helmets, from Specialized, in the past. This plan of attack is working well for Specialized, who have a wide range of resources at their disposal, including athletes, engineers, and wind tunnels.
     Although personal tests have not been performed, the Evade claims to save 46 seconds over 40 kilometers, as stated on the Specialized website. In a sport that has the potential to be decided by seconds, the Evade is a real advantage. In this case, improved aerodynamics does not mean a lack of airflow. During periods of exercise, the Evade maintains steady airflow and cooling. As compared with other road helmets, it is not ideal but the job is accomplished.

Retention System
     Quite honestly, there is little to be said about the retention system used within the Evade. It is simple, precise, and has a wide range of tightness settings. The retention system is used all over the helmet line of Specialized.
Rear Strap/Sunglasses Placement
     At this point, it is necessary to nit-pick the intriguing design of the Evade. The rear portion of the helmet is sloping and lower, compared to a traditional road helmet. This design causes the rear strap to encroach on a rider's ears. Although this is not a horrific trade-off and it is rarely noticeable, it is a minor flaw.
     Also, due to the aerodynamic design of the Evade, it is difficult to place a set of sunglasses within the helmet vents. However, with more and more riders placing sunglasses on the rear of their heads or their jersey, this issue does not arise extremely often. Pairing an Evade helmet with a Headsweats band allows for optimal use with no sweat intervention.
Side view.
Rear view.
Aerial view.
     From the weekend warrior to the weekend racer, the Specialized S-Works Evade Helmet is a phenomenal upgrade that will provide free speed. For more information, on the Evade, please visit the following link: Thank you for reading.

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