Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wheelmen Supportive Sponsor Feature: Lezyne - Engineered Design

     Founded in 2007, Lezyne is bustling and has made an enormous impact on the quality of cycling accessories.
     With an array of products that ranges from LED lights, to floor and hand pumps, to multi tools, Lezyne is propelling the concept of finely engineered pieces of equipment that allow for optimal use.
     Under the instruction of Micki Kozuschek, nine designers and engineers operate out of San Luis Obispo, California, where Lezyne holds its headquarters.
     Lezyne closely works with professional cycling teams that include Team Lotto Belisol and Specialized-Lululemon.
     The Cal Poly Wheelmen are grateful to have an active partnership with Lezyne.
     During October, the Wheelmen took advantage of a product order opportunity that involved Lezyne.
     "Lezyne gives active Wheelmen members a super deal on all their products," according to Jeffrey Shen, who is the Wheelmen sponsorship coordinator.
     Approximately 12 Wheelmen members participated in the Lezyne order opportunity, according to Shen. However, many more Wheelmen members and community members benefited from the generosity of Lezyne.
     "(Lezyne) always helps donate product to all the races the Wheelmen put on," said Shen.
     "The WCC League benefited from Lezyne's product donation to the last mountain bike race," said Shen.
     Lezyne provided podium prizes, which included water bottles, hand pumps, multi tools, and saddle bags, at the Nov. 1-2 Wheelmen mountain bike race weekend.
     The podium prizes reached collegiate racers and non-collegiate mountain bike racers that ventured out to San Luis Obispo, for a weekend of racing.
     The Wheelmen are excited to promote Lezyne product and continue an active partnership, with the San Luis Obispo based company.

     For more information on Lezyne, please visit their website here. Lezyne also runs an outstanding YouTube channel that provides product descriptions. Find the Lezyne YouTube channel here.

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