Wednesday, December 17, 2014

GU Product Review: Monday, December 15

Monday, December 15
     After consecutive days, with fairly sizable ride time, I was ready to take a step back and ride locally.
     Monday's spin took me to the local hills, on my road bike, and it did not lack in climbing. 

Total Ride Time - 1:39:39
Total Moving Time - 1:38:19
Distance - 23.04 miles
Elevation Gain - 2,444'
Average Moving Speed - 14.1 miles per hour
Calories Burned - 1,609

24:00 - One GU Chocolate Outrage energy gel eaten.
1:02 - One 16 ounce bottle of Watermelon GU Brew drink mix completed.
1:14 - One GU Salted Caramel energy gel eaten.
1:38 - One 16 ounce bottle of Watermelon GU Brew drink mix completed.

     After multiple days of big rides, Monday could have been a tough day on the bike. However, from the start, my legs felt fresh and ready to go.
     In all reality, I do not think it is a coincidence that consistent fueling and recovery, with GU products, left me feeling better on a long-term basis.
     Although Monday was set to be a short ride, I wanted to continue consuming calories. Throughout the ride, I took on about 340 calories, from liquids and gels.
     My estimated amount of calories burned, for Monday's ride, was 1,609. However, this is most likely on the high side.
     I did not wear my heart rate monitor, which could have adversely affected the estimate. Instead, I rode for pure enjoyment, as I often do, and went on feel.
     After less than two hours of riding, I recovered with eight ounces of milk and a GU Brew Chocolate Smoothie recovery packet, before heading out to play one and a half hours of basketball.

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