Wednesday, December 17, 2014

GU Product Review: Overall Impressions

     Three GU product test days saw 10 hours of cycling, two and a half hours of basketball, nine bottles, eight gels, and three Chocolate Smoothie recovery packets consumed, with zero signs of bonking or an upset stomach.
     I'm sold. Now it is your time to pick up some GU product, at a local store, and understand the noticeable benefits of properly utilizing the range of nutritional supplements that GU provides.
GU Energy Gels
     During my three days of testing, GU energy gels provided instant energy, in an easily consumable form. From the Salted Carmel to Chocolate Outrage flavors, the taste is dialed and I was never afraid of blindly plucking a gel out of my pocket.

GU Brew Drink Mix
     Refreshing, soothing, and energizing duly encapsulates GU Brew drink mix. While it comes in a variety of flavors, I used the Watermelon flavor, throughout my three days of testing. It worked perfectly and was not overpowering.   

GU Brew Electrolyte Drink Tablets
     Looking to go light on the calories, while still ingesting necessary electrolytes? GU solved the aforementioned issue with its GU Brew electrolyte drink tablets. The drink tablets provided a fizzy addition, when added to water, which was a pleasant surprise. After experimenting with the Lemon Lime and Strawberry Lemonade flavors, GU continues its trend of great tasting products.

     After beginning in 1991, GU is a prevalent sports nutrition company that is based in Berkley, California.
     GU provides ample support to the cycling community. As a Silver level sponsor for the SoCal High School Cycling League, which promotes high school mountain biking, I was fortunate to benefit from their support.
     After racing in the SoCal High School Cycling League, for four years, I also compete with the Team Rokform Under-23 road team, where GU is a sponsor.
     I am now a student at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Throughout the weekend of December 5-7, GU provided neutral nutritional support for the San Luis Obispo Long Slow Distance (LSD) weekend, which can be read about here.
     During the San Luis Obispo LSD weekend, I was fortunate enough to spend time with Mr. Brian Vaughan, the CEO of GU, and Mr. Yuri Hauswald, the Cycling Marketing Manger of GU.
     Thank you very much to Mr. Vaughan and Mr. Hauswald, for providing me with the opportunity to test and review a plethora of GU products!      

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