Saturday, February 21, 2015

Race Report: Menso's SLO Ride to Hell

Over the past few years, after committing my athletic endeavors to cycling, I have been blessed with the support of outstanding family members, especially my father, mother, and brother.

Team Rokform orange pops!
On the morning of Saturday, Feb. 21, I began the 2015 cycling season alongside my father, after he convinced me to participate in a San Luis Obispo gravel race.

Pops and me, before beginning to suffer. 
To begin, this race proved to be a unique start to the season, as I have never participated in a gravel race and I do not own a gravel bicycle. However, with endurance mountain bike racing on tap for this season, I decided to tag the 78 mile course on fat tires.

Overall, Menso's SLO Ride to Hell covered 78 miles and 7,326 feet of vertical gain. My finishing time of 4:56:33 hours placed me in ninth place, within an open men field. Although I am unsure of the specific numbers, around 100-150 contestants participated in the open men field.

Santa Margarita provided a beautiful start location. 
Menso de Jong, a professional cyclist with Team CLIF Bar, pieced together a challenging route that covered numerous backcountry roads and treacherous descents.

After beginning the 2015 season alongside family, with an exhilarating new adventure, I am ecstatic to continue challenging myself, while testing fresh competitions.

Until next time, thank you very much to Team Rokform and all of its sponsors, especially GU Energy Labs (@GUEnergyLabs), Skratch Labs (@SkratchLabs), Garmin (@Garmin), Oakley (@oakley), and DeFeet (@DeFeet), who were instrumental in my performance today.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wheelmen Rider Spotlight #8: Jeffrey Shen

Jeffrey Shen rocking the skate shoes. 
Although it has become a less frequent segment, in an attempt to become well acquainted with the 2014-15 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Wheelmen community, Jeffrey Shen marks the eighth rider spotlight. The following information was provided as a set list of questions that Shen humorously answered. All responses are unedited.

How long have you been a member of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Wheelmen or Wheelwomen?
I loafed around freshman year and officially joined my second year, so like 3.5 years.

What is your favorite part of the Wheelmen and cycling, in general?
Being able to do what you enjoy with other people. Riding bikes is fun, but it’s all in vain if you cannot share that joy with other people. Anyone who is down to go outside and enjoy some fresh air is a winner in my books.

What cycling disciplines are you involved with?
Everything except country.

Please describe your favorite San Luis Obispo ride.
Whatever has the most sunshine, Froom Creek to Costco jumps has been hitting the spot lately.

Jeffrey Shen. 
What are you interested in accomplishing, with the Wheelmen, throughout 2014 and 2015?
To hopefully use my experience of riding bicycles to help others who are interested in the sport to get on their bike more!

What are you studying at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo?
Cellular and Molecular Biology.

What is your favorite genre of music and your favorite song?
Christmas music or any remix of Lorde.

Do you prefer “SLO Donut Company” or “Old West Cinnamon Rolls”?
SloDoCo, cuz it’s 15 miles closer and they give you a free one if you buy 12.

Please provide us with one interesting fact about yourself.
Everything that happens in my dreams comes true.

Aside from cycling and education, what occupies your time?
The existential struggle to find motivation to pursue my individual will while also remaining close to the sanctuary of mediocrity in life.

Be sure to examine the Cal Poly Wheelmen website, for recent news, and the Cal Poly Wheelmen Facebook page! Thank you for reading. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Wheelmen Report: January Strava Champions Crowned

     At its Wednesday evening meeting, the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Wheelmen cycling team crowned its January Strava champions.
     Anthony Fryer and Julia Mace were the official champions, for the male and female categories.

Anthony Fryer and Grant Pocklington, with their Fluid product prizes. 
Maddie Giger was in attendance and earned Fluid product. 
     Fluid, a generous Wheelmen sponsor, provided neat awards for the winners and top-three places, in both the male and female categories.
     Additionally, Mr. Richard Smith, the founder of Fluid, provided an impressive presentation. While at the Wheelmen meeting, Smith discussed a range of topics, which primarily pertained to hydration, all while keeping the environment light and providing numerous Fluid sample products.
     The Wheelmen Strava challenge is a new concept for the 2014-15 academic school year. It encourages cycling, both on a social and competitive basis.
     Riders were awarded points based on ride time, group riding, and racing. Both group riding and racing provided extra points.