Friday, June 26, 2015

Fried Rice!

After recent inquires regarding the hype behind cycling and fried rice, I figured that I would share my personal creation of fried rice, along with minimal nutrition concepts.

Dr. Allen Lim and Skratch Labs are largely responsible for cyclists adopting rice, as a staple, instead of pasta. In an attempt to stimulate taste buds and nourish fatigued cyclists, enter fried rice.


  • Before beginning to cook, leftovers are ideal for stir fry recipes. Therefore, keep a well-stocked refrigerator.
  • While heating a pan, with a small amount of olive oil, begin to assemble all of your stir fry ingredients. With a pan warming on medium/high heat, the process will move quickly. A hot pan is necessary for stir fry creations. 
A little olive oil goes a long way. 
The starters. 
  • With a warm pan, spread the olive oil.
  • Next, add a generous amount of rice. For this creation, I utilized brown jasmine rice. 
  • After adding the rice, include soy sauce and hot sauce for taste. With rice, soy sauce, and hot sauce mixed in a warm pan, shuffle the solution to one side of the pan. 
  • With one side of the pan free, scramble eggs.  
Half and half. 
  • With scrambled eggs, consider adding crushed pepper or seasoning salt. 
  • After the eggs are well-cooked and no longer runny, mix the rice and eggs together. 

  • Briefly join the rice and eggs, before moving contents to an eating bowl. 
Final Touches
  • Afterwards, consider adding soft vegetables. Harder vegetables can be mixed and warmed, while the pan is still hot. 
  • On this occasion, fresh salsa and avocado provided the final touches. 
What's in a meal?
  • With a hefty stir fry meal, consider that a plethora of calories are included. However, personal customization allows for the inclusion of many food groups. 
  • Brown jasmine rice = carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, or long lasting fuel. 
  • Soy sauce and hot sauce = sodium, to replenish stores lost while riding. 
  • Egg = protein. 
  • Salsa = anti-inflammatory agents, to aid in recovery. 
  • Avocado = healthy fats.
Now, go on an adventure and munch on your personal fried rice creation afterwards! Enjoy. 

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