Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thereabouts #2 or Thereabouts Reprise

After much anticipation, Thereabouts #2 is beginning to take shape with additional publicity.

While Thereabouts #1 managed to gather massive interest, a second journey, from Boulder, Colo. to Moab, Utah, appears to have raised the bar.

Initial images were posted to the CyclingTips Instagram account in late May. Now, CyclingTips has released a recap of the five-day Thereabouts Reprise in the words of Gus Morton, Lachlan Morton, Cameron Wurf, and Taylor Phinney.

After encountering a bumpy beginning that was focused on media, publicity, and style, the second Thereabouts journey evolved to including harsh terrain, brutal storms, and the true essence of Thereabouts.

For more information, start from the beginning with Thereabouts #1 on Vimeo. Then, absorb the imagery and words of Thereabouts #2. Let's hope for a second documentary soon.

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