Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Product Review: Rapha Classic Bib Shorts

Rapha, an elite brand that focuses on the design and production of superior cycling clothing, launched in 2004 and they have been on the rise ever since.

With a focus on road cycling apparel and accessories, Rapha simply began with jerseys, jackets, and caps, but they now offer a plethora of pieces for men and women. Additionally, Rapha has expanded to sponsor Team Sky Pro Cycling, while also supporting its adventurous Rapha Continental groups that focus on exploration and a passion for road cycling.

Rapha Classic Bib Shorts
  • Design: simple and luxurious
  • Comfort: allows for performance in a variety of conditions
  • Chamois: suited for 6+ hour rides
  • Price and Customer Service: well worth the investment
Rapha Classic Bib Shorts
After spending years searching for simple and plain cycling bib shorts, Rapha is able to produce a superior product without the need for flashy, unnecessary distractions. The design of Rapha Classic Bib Shorts is humble and sleek, while providing a prominent aesthetic.

All the while, Rapha Classic Bib Shorts focus on comfort with fewer seams, appropriate stitching, and a leg gripper that locks in a perfect fit. An opening in the back assures ventilation and cooling. Since it is absolutely necessary to maintain comfortable contact points in road cycling, you cannot go wrong with the Rapha Classic Bib Shorts. 
Rapha Classic Bib Shorts Leg Gripper

Rapha Classic Bib Shorts Back Opening
As it relates to comfort and contact points, the chamois is unreal. The Rapha Classic Bib Shorts are what I reach for prior to embarking on a long ride due to the outstanding chamois. Rapha has checked off all boxes for design and comfort.
Rapha Classic Bib Shorts Chamois
Lastly, price is worth discussing. Many are afraid of pricey items. However, Rapha Classic products are available to be tested and returned within 30 days of purchase. Also, Rapha provides a free repairs service for worn and crashed products. In the long term, it may be financially beneficial to invest in Rapha.

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