Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Interpretation of Thereabouts

Why didn't I ever think of that idea? Unfortunately, this concept is a recurring theme.

As many know, I am hooked on Thereabouts, which is a Lachlan and Angus (Gus) Morton concept. Focused on cycling passion, adventure, family, and meeting new characters, Thereabouts #1 and Thereabouts 2 have made me realize there is more to cycling than burying your head in a stem.

Therefore, when legendary roommate Ryan Mostofi mentioned that I should actively blog about my Thereabouts experiences, I couldn't pass. As an additional plug for "Sean Bird's Cycling Blog," these pieces will be casual, short stories that reflect my personal cycling adventures, all while highlighting the spirit of Thereabouts.

Without further delay, meet exhibit one.


Date: Saturday, April 9, 2016
Location: San Luis Obispo, California
Ride Details: 77 miles on Highway 1, Old Creek, and Highway 46, with a stop in Cambria. Strava file.

Early to bed, early to shred. On a Saturday morning, a 6:45 a.m. alarm for a college student. Damn straight. #CPCycling

The crew was comprised of myself, three Cal Poly Cycling buddies, and a local stud in Don Hull. To start, we rolled north on Highway 1, which was uneventful and casual. However, Mr. Hull filled me in on plenty of his stories from a recent visit to Belgium with Carmichael Training Systems. After racing in Belgium between high school graduation and beginning college, it was neat to compare notes. Baller.

A right-hand turn on Old Creek Road sent our squad up, up, and up. At the top, Adam Evard gave me a quick shout. "Well, I just set my PR by 1:30 minutes. Always a pleasure to ride with you, Mr. Bird." Booyah. I love it. Way to rock it out there today, Adam.

Next, we flowed down the backside of Old Creek Road to Highway 46, before heading west to Highway 1. Funny Surfer Dude became the topic of discussion, but Mr. Hull pegged it on the descent and the rest of us chased, chased, chased. At the bottom, we split. Then, there were four Cal Poly Cycling gents.

We chugged and plugged to Cambria, before stopping at a park to fill bottles and discuss Ass Savers... Also, we stopped at a Chevron gas station. This is where we met our first character.

While at the Chevron gas station, I was pleasantly surprised/downright stoked to see a can of Coca-Cola for $0.84 including tax. What a deal. Has anyone else been paying $2 for a 12-ounce can of Coke lately? I'm over it. I expressed the good news to the crew and the cashier had a laugh. Well, then we started chatting. He mentioned that his "boss do not like to gouge people," (said in an Eastern European accent) which was fine by me.

While pedaling south out of Cambria, Adam and I began discussing the Thereabouts lifestyle, which is very common for a Cal Poly Cycling ride. There is more to cycling than burying your head in a stem. Laugh, talk to people that you wouldn't normally speak with, share stories, eat donuts, and enjoy the ride. Live life, people.

As we began moving down Highway 1 for San Luis Obispo, I chatted with Colin Patterson about the van life. Oh, the van life. Yes, so much yes.

In Cayucos, we caught rain. "I love riding in the rain," I mentioned to Adam O'Camb. It reminds me of some gnarly experiences racing in Belgium. 

In Morro Bay, I did my best Peter Sagan impression of shifting around on the bike and acting uncomfortable, which drew a few laughs. Mission accomplished. This also made me think of riding with my pops, who is my favorite ride partner.

Today, that was about it. A few more jokes, laughs, and smiles had us back in San Luis Obispo.


In the future, I plan to keep these posts slightly shorter, while including photographs. However, when a journalism student gets in a flow, watch out.

Thank you very much for reading. Let me know your thoughts on Thereabouts and what it means to you.

Always keep it fun and lighten up. Get outside and live with no filter. Shaka.   

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