Monday, August 29, 2016

Art's Cyclery Photo/Video Content

Paired with Art's Cyclery, after completing a content shoot in May, it has been outstanding to be featured in Art's Cyclery content.

Through both photography and video, Art's Cyclery is conveying a message, which relates to adventure, cycling, and social prowess.

Art's Cyclery website cover photo.
Art's Cyclery "Ask a Mechanic" YouTube series.
Here, I have included the link to "How To Pack for Long Rides," which was featured in the Art's Cyclery YouTube series. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Product Review: Capo and Castelli Posted on Road Bike Review

Recently, after completing four cycling apparel reviews for Art's Cyclery in San Luis Obispo, California, Road Bike Review graciously shared my product reviews.

Paired as Capo and Castelli cycling kits, be sure to give my latest writing a glance!

Wait, they will come...
This accurately describes my current emotions. Thank you for the share, Road Bike Review!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Cub House

At the end of the day, do you ever think about how two wheels became so powerful? What about four wheels? Bicycles and automobiles pair well with transportation. However, adventure, exploration, family, friends, fun, danger, pain, role models, and fashionistas also come to mind.

With cycling, some rides are slow, while others are fast. Some easy, others excruciatingly painful. Some boring, others radical. Some dull, others fresh. Some bland, others pop.

However, do you ever think about why we accept boring, dull, and bland, in our daily lives? Why not attempt to make every experience meaningful, memorable, and sacred?

Well, The Cub House, a miniature pop-up shop, which is "not a bike shop," is changing the way cyclists and people approach life. Located in South Pasadena, stop by for "free life advice."

Now, while affiliations can be confusing, The Cub House was started by Sean, from Team Dream Team and Ringtail.  All part of a trendy collective based in Los Angeles, which is frequently mentioning #LASucksForCycling, The Cub House is home base for stoke, smiles, and plenty of high fives.

For me, the lifestyle cycling movement was inspired by Thereabouts #1 with Angus and Lachlan Morton. It exploded this past Saturday, August 6, when a buddy and I rolled with some of the most unique, excited, and genuine Los Angeles cyclists. Quite simply, these people love riding bicycles. Now, I'll let the pictures do plenty of talking.

Location: The Cub House.
Griffith Park, the pad.
Views of DTLA. #GUforit
Location: Golden Saddle Cyclery.
I approve. The Cub House swap meet.
If you can finish a ride with a burrito, you finish a ride with a burrito. Credit: Adam Evard.