Friday, December 7, 2018


Ahhh, shooooot! It's going down this weekend.

What? Why? How?

This weekend, on Sunday, December 9, Everjourney is hosting a one-day giveaway. For one lucky contestant, we will be shipping you a free t-shirt, socks, and Skinnies USA sunscreen, by the end of next week.

How do you enter? Simple.

On Sunday, December 9, we want to see you in action with your Everjourney gear.

1. On Sunday, December 9, post your best action photo/video to your Instagram story.
2. In this image/video, tag @EverjourneyProject.
3. In your image/video, leave a quality comment, drop a humorous line, and keep us entertained.
4. Everjourney will be reposting these to our Instagram story on Sunday, December 9, only. This is a one-day contest.
5. On Sunday, December 9, we will message one lucky winner, the contestant that dropped some quality action. Then, by the end of next week, we'll be shipping you a free t-shirt, socks, and a bottle of Skinnies USA sunscreen.

*Do note, we do have limited sizes available, for our t-shirts and socks. We will do our best to accommodate size requests. However, we will not be able to guarantee stock.
*Skinnies USA has partnered with Everjourney for 2019, and we are grateful to be representing their product.

Skinnies, a little goes a long way. Photo: Skinnies USA.
It's a lifestyle, a lifestyle tee. Owwwww!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sunday Service: A Week In The Racing Life

Words and images are courtesy of Colin Patterson, who competed in Guatemala from October 23 – November 1, 2018. Prior to posting, minor edits did occur.

The air was cooler and more crisp than you might think for a Central American country. Walking down the maze of halls in our mountain-lodge style hotel, I tried to stretch out my crushed legs from the previous day’s racing. Hoping to get warm, we boarded the bus early.

It was day eight. By this point, we had almost climbed the elevation of Mt. Everest during our 440 miles of racing. Departing the City of Quetzaltenango, we climbed, by bus, to 7,600 feet, our starting point for the day.  

Day eight, which consisted of an uphill time trial, was not one of the stages that we feared. Most of those had already passed. However, this stage was not going to be simple.

At sea level, this stage would have been ideal for me, considering its flat sections, shallow pitches in grade, and bits of gravel. However, with its conclusion at nearly 10,000 feet in elevation, I knew I’d be gasping for air.

At mile six of the uphill time trial, I thought that I had been pacing myself well. My legs, on the other hand, they were disagreeing. Then, I struck dirt, meaning five miles and 1,500 feet of climbing were on tap. Pavement became pave, pave became gravel. Abruptly, my remaining energy was fleeing, as I dodged basketball-sized potholes and collided with rocks. 

Up, up, just a bit more up.

To finish, I was going to need to dig. Deep.

Then, it happened. It happens to all competitive cyclists. Endless days of training, they flooded my legs, reviving my energy. Flashing back to 32S13, our first Everjourney adventure, I realized that I have conquered much more punishing backcountry climbs. Remembering my excitement from 32S13, my gears clicked and ticked, as I notched a few gears harder, pushing for the remaining miles.

As I consider my time in Guatemala, the more I understand how this trip represents the true meaning of Everjourney. Racing abroad allows us to explore areas and experience cultures, rare opportunities that do not exist for most people.

Communal interactions.

In Guatemala, citizens are magical and passionate about cycling.

On a daily basis, while we were racing, streets were lined with people. Often, they were sporting indigenous attire, while we were clad in colorful kit. Through every town, with its narrow, pothole-filled streets, cheering was constant, clumps of confetti and buckets of water were hurled, and fireworks were set off. 

Right, fireworks were set off, directly at our wheels. 

As seen from above, our peloton for the week.

To say the atmosphere was electric would be an understatement.

At the conclusion of a day’s racing, with our energy stores sapped, citizens became fans, continuously showing their support. At the finish, while trying force down a Super Cola or Gallo Malta, we would be swarmed. Often surrounded by 15 minutes, we would talk to the locals in broken Spanish, telling them where we traveled from, how much we loved Guatemala, and the difficulties of racing.

While it was not uncommon for our picture to be taken, or our signatures to be requested, I was once handed a baby to hold for a photo. Passion.

Colin Patterson, a man of the people.

Beyond stage eight, we had some time to explore locally. At this point, I had no idea where we were in Guatemala. However, this was a poorer region.

Given our timing, a massive farmer’s market had been assembled. Vendors lined both sides, as well as the center, of the narrow, cobbled streets. This left us tiptoeing around seed piles, vegetable displays, and woven cloth. Around a “parque central,” this market spanned blocks in every direction.

Farmer's market exploration.

Every 20 feet we were overwhelmed with another smell, maybe freshly baked bread, fish, tortillas, or trash piles being ransacked by stray dogs.

With our time in Guatemala coming to a close, the final awards and celebrations occurred in a local stadium. We completed a celebratory lap, before collapsing, relieved to have completed a brutal week of racing.

Continuing our daily tradition of post-race photos and signatures, we soaked in the sun, while watching the crowd carry the overall winner across the stadium. They danced and chanted, while we reminisced on our time, thankful to be finished.

As Sean Bird once said, “You ever think about how there are a lot of times when you go out riding, and you don’t want to be riding in that moment. And you think of why you’re doing it, and you realize it’s so you can do something like this. Like, actually be able to do this…”

We ride, endlessly, so we may experience adventures. This was one for the books.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Checking Out, Discovering, Creating...

First and foremost, while it is never mentioned enough, thank you for your support of Everjourney. As a brand inspired by the adventure and freedom of cycling, while aiming to convey this passion and emotion to additional cyclists, we're eager to continue creating, discovering, and exposing the flair-filled side of cycling.

Recently, with social media, we've been in a bit of a funk. Yes, while this is certainly a piece of conveying a certain story, Brad Wiggs and Colin Patterson will be assisting with this side of Everjourney. Through our Instagram stories, who knows what will be appearing.

Goofin', always. Photo: AJ Krappman Photo.

Meanwhile, I am returning to what originally inspired Everjourney, including neighborhood rides, color-swatch watching, consistent discovery, and meaningful creativity.

While we continue to offer a variety of cycling kits, as well as apparel and accessories, additional designs and concepts will be floating to the surface. In addition to accessories and apparel, content continues to be a primary focus, with additional plans for an upcoming Everjourney adventure this fall.

Pop, pop, pop. It's our summer pop cycling kit. Photo: AJ Krappman Photo.

If you missed our first adventure short, 32S13, give it a gander. For this project, massive contributions from Jacob Chess, Isobelle Espiritu, and AJ Krappman took place.

In the past, excessive amounts of design and photography have occurred at the hands of Lance Bird and Adam Evard. If anything about Everjourney piques your interest, these men have likely played a massive part.

With the assistance of DeFeet, Jakroo, and Skinnies, we're eager to continue moving forward, creating, discovering, and finding a balance between real-world interactions and online promotions.

Throughout this process, thank you for your support. Please, be sure to holler with any recommendations, comments, or concerns. Otherwise, we'll see you out there.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Video of the Month: August 2018

Unreal. Honestly, there's not much more to say about it.

Sure, you might have to drop a few bucks to view North of Nightfall. However, this Red Bull Media House production, which features Darren Barrecloth aboard a Canyon Sender, is wild.

Give it a view.

Yup, a whole lot of this in North of Nightfall, a Red Bull Media House production.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Photo of the Week: August 13-19, 2018

Ohhh yesss! With summer in full swing, continue to make the most of these summer days. Fall may be around the corner, but there is no stopping us now.

During the spring, this image was taken for our More Sending, Less Pretending line of socks, in collaboration with DeFeet. 

Put your feet up. Scope those side dishes for your next barbecue.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Photo of the Week: August 6-12, 2018

With summer heat sizzling around the country, we can't help but think back to these overcast evenings in San Luis Obispo, California.

This summer, where are you riding?

Cruising through a coastal marine layer. Photo: Adam Evard.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Photos of Weeks: July 16-5, 2018

Goodness. It has been a hot second, fam. After dropping 32S13, an Everjourney original, during July, here's a quick take on how we felt after completing a short film, getting reenergized, and considering how to get the band back together.

With support from Skinnies USA, we're eager to hop back on the road soon, while producing additional content. Owwwww!

Colin Patterson, what a guy. Photo: AJ Krappman Photo.
Brad Wiggs, living the dream. Photo: AJ Krappman Photo.
It's time to begin planning again. Photo: AJ Krappman Photo.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Video of the Month: July 2018

Wow! What is going on? For the month of July, Everjourney has been in a constant whirlwind. To begin wrapping up this month, we wanted to fire off a brief explanation on our video of the month.

32S13 is an Everjourney original, which features Sean Bird, Colin Patterson, and Brad Wiggs, with content from Jacob Chess, Isobelle Espiritu, and AJ Krappman. For this project, an Everjourney crew set out to ride in a remote location, while exploring a fresh landscape. Fortunately, Colin scouted a route that traced ridgelines along the Central Coast of California, prior to dropping into Carrizo Plain National Monument.

Quite the ride, 32S13 may be found here. Enjoy, and, please, let us know your thoughts. Owwwww!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Photo of the Week: July 9-15, 2018

Everjourney values the art of photography, a next-level craft. While not an original idea, Everjourney is eager to share weekly images that capture the true essence of cycling, be it adventure, freedom, or flair. For additional images, follow along on Instagram, @EverjourneyProject.

A legendary squad, for the first Everjourney adventure. Photo: @ajkrappmanphoto.

This Friday, July 13, Everjourney will be releasing video content from its first adventure ride, along the Central Coast of California. Fortunately, a legendary squad made this production possible. Plenty of work, time, and effort has gone into this concept. While cruising with Sean Bird, Colin Patterson, and Brad Wiggs, content was snatched, throughout a 12-hour day, by Jacob Chess, Isobelle Espiritu, and AJ Krappman.

Be sure to follow along, especially on IG: @EverjourneyProject. Much love.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Photo of the Week: July 2-8, 2018

Everjourney values the art of photography, a next-level craft. While not an original idea, Everjourney is eager to share weekly images that capture the true essence of cycling, be it adventure, freedom, or flair. For additional images, follow along on Instagram, @EverjourneyProject.

Three dudes, out and about. Photo: Jacob Chess.

This past weekend, Everjourney bagged its first adventure ride, along the Central Coast of California. While cruising with Sean Bird, Colin Patterson, and Brad Wiggs, content was snatched, throughout a 12-hour day, by Jacob Chess, Isobelle Espiritu, and AJ Krappman.

This sure was a wild ride. Throughout the next few weeks, written content and insane imagery will be trickling out. On Friday, July 13, we'll be dropping a full-fledged video.

Be sure to follow along, especially on IG: @EverjourneyProject. Much love.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Photo of the Week: June 25-1, 2018

Alright, alright. You got us. That's right. We took a week off. Last week, with a substantial lack of content for our photo of the week, we're back to it.

Piecing it together...

Prior to departing San Luis Obispo for the summer, we completed a photoshoot with Adam Evard, @aeevard, for a collection of images to showcase a recent kit launch, Subtle Stealth. While out shooting, Adam nabbed this pairing of California Gold water bottles, as well as Euro Steeze socks.

Slowly but surely, product is trickling in and pairings are taking place. Owwwww!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Product Sale: More Sending, Less Pretending Lifestyle Tee

With an ever-evolving range of content and products, Everjourney's latest offering is a custom More Sending, Less Pretending lifestyle tee. In collaboration with Next Level, this is a Next Level 60/40 tee, which is emblazoned with the Everjourney logo, as well as More Sending, Less Pretending.

Out back, it's a party with More Sending, Less Pretending spread across the shoulders.

 Business in the front, party in the back.

Up front, it's all business with a simple Everjourney logo.

Within the More Sending, Less Pretending moniker, which is meant to represent Everjourney's product line, water bottles, socks, tees, and kits now exist. This range is growing. Up next, who knows what's on the horizon.

Perched, a true lifestyle tee.

Photo of the Week: June 11-17, 2018

Everjourney values the art of photography, a next-level craft. While not an original idea, Everjourney is eager to share weekly images that capture the true essence of cycling, be it adventure, freedom, or flair. For additional images, follow along on Instagram, @EverjourneyProject.

This past weekend, final bits and bobs were pieced together for the launch of custom Everjourney tees

Recently, while cruising through San Luis Obispo on a road ride, it was difficult not to notice "The Bunker" and their ridiculous entry sign. Immediately, considerations for a photoshoot were formed.

With the release of custom Everjourney tees, it was neat to shoot some shots of Jacob with this popping backdrop. Additional images will continue to trickle out through Instagram. Additionally, a variety of shots are featured in our online storefront.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Photo of the Week: June 4-10, 2018

Everjourney values the art of photography, a next-level craft. While not an original idea, Everjourney is eager to share weekly images that capture the true essence of cycling, be it adventure, freedom, or flair. For additional images, follow along on Instagram, @EverjourneyProject.

This is the Monday mood. Grind daily, celebrate rarely.

Nearly halfway through 2018 and we're still crushing weekly images. Hot damn! Thank you very much for your support of Everjourney, truly. This is what it's all about.

For this week, June 4-10, we've got another Euro Steeze Everjourney sock image to share. In collaboration with DeFeet, this was a neat project to piece together. Also, while waking this morning, the darkened mood of this image certainly captured that Monday vibe, ayyy.

To shop Euro Steeze Everjourney socks, hop online. More than anything, these simple, subtle socks pair well with a loud Everjourney kit. Make a match today.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Video of the Month: June 2018

For the month of June, our Video of the Month feature is dropping a touch early. Sometimes, when chills begin to flow through your body, there's no point in delaying the release of a powerful, inspiring bit of content.

Rebecca Rusch, known as the Queen of Pain, is a seven-time world champion endurance athlete. She is known for her accolades in mountain biking, gravel riding, and a host of adventure sports. In addition to being a consistent athlete, Rusch is an author and activist. In 2017, Rusch embarked on her most substantial journey.

Blood Road, a feature film, highlights Rusch's journey along the Ho Chi Minh trail. In an attempt to find the crash site of her father, who she lost at the age of three, Rusch pedaled along the 1,200-mile trail, which traverses Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. More than 40 years ago, Rusch's father was flying in the U.S. Air Force, before being shot down over Laos. Now, Rusch makes an attempt to navigate home, to find his crash site.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Product Sale: Euro Steeze Everjourney Socks

In collaboration with DeFeet, Everjourney is offering custom socks, within the More Sending, Less Pretending moniker. For our first take with DeFeet, we're offering a single set of freshies.

For this iteration, the Everjourney logo is included on both sides of a white, five-inch cuff. On the sole of both socks, More Sending, Less Pretending is included. Named with our European counterparts in mind, we rolled with a Euro Steeze (style + ease) title. Paired with a custom Everjourney kit, these socks are a simple, subtle addition.

Kick back and relax. Remember, More Sending, Less Pretending.
Prime time.
In collaboration with DeFeet, we're stoked on this product.

Photo of the Week: May 28-3, 2018

Everjourney values the art of photography, a next-level craft. While not an original idea, Everjourney is eager to share weekly images that capture the essence of cycling, be it adventure, freedom, or flair. For additional images, follow along on Instagram, @EverjourneyProject.

True to the More Sending, Less Pretending vibe, we're offering custom Everjourney socks, in collaboration with DeFeet.

While attempting to spread the More Sending, Less Pretending culture, we're set on continuing to produce custom Everjourney product. Now, in collaboration with DeFeet, Euro Steeze Everjourney socks are on offer. As white socks, the Everjourney logo is included on both sides of a white, five-inch cuff. More Sending, Less Pretending is emblazoned on the sole of both socks.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Product Review: Orange Mud Gear Vest

This product review was completed by Everjourney, a project motivated by the adventure and freedom of cycling. Follow along: and @EverjourneyProject

Sprouting from the need to develop an ideal hydration pack, Orange Mud has populated the market with a variety of hydration packs and gear vests, all while meeting the needs of cyclists and runners. With a company name that traces its roots back to Kansas, it was only fitting for us to review the Orange Mud Gear Vest, for both mountain biking and gravel riding. In recent years, Dirty Kanza 200, a premier gravel event in Kansas, has been stacked with hydration pack use, due to the need to be self-sufficient for extended periods of time.

From the front, the Orange Mud Gear Vest.
From the back, the Orange Mud Gear Vest.

While considering the Orange Mud Gear Vest, a primary focus included testing the limits of this pack for extended periods of time. In turn, simplicity, functionality, and comfort became apparent.

The Gear Vest offers an array of options, all while remaining simple, sleek, and minimal. In total, the vest offers six frontal pockets, which allows for bar, gel, and flask storage. Two main, oversized pockets cinch tight, which allowed us to house an array of ride food, while forgetting about its security. Additionally, while on the bike, a CO2 cartridge was stowed away in these pockets. Surprisingly, while storing enough energy to feed a small posse, as well as carrying tire-inflation necessities, the vest refused to sag or become cumbersome. Unlike a saggy, sopping jersey that flaps around when weighed down, this vest conquered the storage task.

With two main, oversized pockets that cinch tight, storage is not an issue with the Gear Vest.

In sticking with simplicity, this vest features one rear pocket to store one liter of water. Through a nifty opening in the HydraPak reservoir, the reservoir holds steady, while being fastened to the pack with velcro.

Simply fastened with velcro, the HydraPak reservoir remains steady during use.

For both mountain bikers and gravel riders, vests are becoming more popular, all while offering supreme functionality and usability. While checking all major needs, including oversized storage pockets, trash pockets, a substantial reservoir, and a shock cord to stash extra apparel, this vest still packs down to the size of a tissue box, all while disappearing on the trails. With its snug, lifted fit, it's extremely easy forget about the minimal pack, while descending in fervor.

On the rear of the Gear Vest, a shock cord allows for apparel storage.
Again, featured on the rear of the Gear Vest, an adjustable shock cord is convenient.
In sticking with neat features, a safety whistle is included on the upper, front adjustable strap.

With the Gear Vest, its main piece of functionality incorporates a HydraPak reservoir with an ideal lockout bite valve. In expert fashion, the Gear Vest houses a one-liter reservoir that packs well and rides steady. Often, shifting packs and tumultuous reservoirs ruin the convenience of riding with a hands-free hydration system. However, Orange Mud has solved this issue.

With the HydraPak reservoir, a lockout bite valve remains secure when not in use.
The HydraPak hose has the ability to be cut to a shorter length, while remaining housed against the Gear Vest.

While both simple and functional, no equipment is worthy of extended periods of use unless it is supremely comfortable. In the comfort department, Orange Mud is cruising. For the Gear Vest, four adjustable straps offer an ideal fit. On the left and right sides, adjustable straps remain snug against the body. Then, once these straps have been adjusted, two chest straps swing from right-to-left, before clipping and connecting the shoulder straps. With a supreme fit, this vest does become forgettable, while conquering endless miles of trail.

Side straps allow for a snug fit against the body.

Overall, we're extremely pleased with the Orange Mud Gear Vest, a prime piece of design that offers simplicity, functionality, and comfort. Ideal for both mountain biking and gravel riding, while looking to escape for extended periods of time, this vest offers great storage, a quality reservoir nest, and ingenious bits and bobs, including a shock cord and safety whistle. For those considering the move to hands-free hydration, look no further than the Orange Mud Gear Vest.

From the back, the Orange Mud Gear Vest.
From the front, the Orange Mud Gear Vest.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Collegiate Lifestyle

It's a lifestyle.

Van life.

Now, what does that mean, truly, and why does it matter?

For the past four years, as a member of the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo community, this experience has been something else. While engaging in campus life, local events, and the San Luis Obispo scene, my experiences have been drastically altered by Cal Poly Cycling. Now, as a graduating senior, when considering my time at Cal Poly, memories are filled with thoughts of weekend getaways, adrenaline rushes, and quality conversations, all with Cal Poly Cycling. No weekend better sums this feeling up than April 14-15, 2018, for a weekend of collegiate road racing hosted by Stanford.

The van. Oh, this weekend, it all started with a van. Operated by Reed Williams, a first-year student at Cal Poly, this piece of machinery was a talking point, while being on another level. While it only made an appearance at one race weekend in 2018, eyes were peeled and heads were turning when this beast rolled into registration on Saturday morning. Soon, friends from other teams were flocking to us, as we hunkered down and began some sort of pre-race routine. Naturally, this included heaps of humor, trash talk, and blaring music.

This van, as well as other Cal Poly Cycling owned vans, proved symbolic. This year, as with most years for Cal Poly Cycling, we were going to do things our way. Loud, proud, and willing to turn heads, this is Cal Poly Cycling.

Endless stoke.

At the Stanford collegiate road racing weekend, a road trip north landed us at Laguna Seca, a famed raceway in Monterey. Our homes for the weekend included a hodgepodge of vans, tents, and hammocks. While sleeping in the dirt and cooking on propane-burning stoves, this is where we're at home. This is where the conversations begin rolling, and this is how teams are built.

On both Saturday and Sunday, racing went well for Cal Poly Cycling, with an array of solid results and appearances atop bland paper speckled with dark lettering. While a piece of the experience, it was refreshing to continue throwing down, all while running a limited operation. This is collegiate cycling, a piece of the college experience.

From a weekend of racing at UC Davis, collegiate races are often strung out, with few bland moments.

With racing, at the end of the day, this is a portion of something bigger. Whether waking at 3:30 a.m., as a junior, to drive with my parents to competitions, or driving through the night, with a van load of friends, to attend collegiate national championships, time spent with others is valuable. There's something about two wheels, a rush of adrenaline, and the flow of endorphins that sparks connection, conversation.
Two dudes, another road-trip vehicle, and a hamburger saddle bag.

Whether it's racing or exploring on two wheels, outside of California or in San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly Cycling, and the power of two wheels, has been a drastic influence on my experience at Cal Poly. The bicycle, as well as the Cal Poly Cycling organization, allow for life-long connections, endless exploration, and plenty of time spent outside.

Lifestyle: "the way in which a person or group lives." This is our lifestyle.

With this lifestyle, sock game is a point of focus. Photo: Dustin Stiffler.

Photo of the Week: May 21-27, 2018

Everjourney values the art of photography, a next-level craft. While not an original idea, Everjourney is eager to share weekly images that capture the essence of cycling, be it adventure, freedom, or flair. For additional images, follow along on Instagram, @EverjourneyProject

Bold legs, bold socks. Photo: the Dustin.

At the beginning of May, a limited posse from Cal Poly Cycling rallied to Grand Junction, Colorado, for collegiate road national championships. As an experience, this road trip was one to remember. From the tireless drives, to the rest-stop snoozes, to the max-effort racing, this was one for the books.

On Sunday, at collegiate national championships, a criterium in downtown Grand Junction took place. While not an ideal race for Cal Poly Cycling, it was a blast to mix it up. After the race, while assembled at the finish-line barriers, Dustin Stiffler snapped this shot of Sean Bird, Brad Wiggs, Colin Patterson, and Reed Williams. All weekend, at least our sock game was on point.

This week, Everjourney will be dropping custom socks online. Be sure to follow along for additional details.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Everjourney: The Difference

It's the 21st century and technology is booming. Now, more than ever, with a plethora of online platforms, brands are craving the attention of consumers. So, with Everjourney, what's the difference?

Everjourney is meant to promote cycling, through showcasing the adventure and freedom that the sport offers. Between original content, aggregated content, media, and shoppable items, Everjourney is meant to be a one-stop location.

Get up and get out. Photo: Adam Evard.

For original content, pieces include features that highlight extensive travel and high-speed racing, as well as original images, videos, routes, and product reviews. Additionally, Everjourney's shoppable items are for the inspired that are eager to showcase a range of cycling kit, casual apparel, and accessories.

In collaboration with Jakroo, Everjourney has been jamming on custom kit. This one, "Hawaiian Flair." Photo: Adam Evard.
In collaboration with Jakroo, Everjourney has been jamming on custom kit. This one, "Hawaiian Flair." Photo: Adam Evard.
#MoreSendingLessPretending, a staple on Everjourney water bottles. Photo: Adam Evard.

More than anything, Everjourney is a project that is highlighting cycling, pure, raw, unfiltered cycling. From content to e-commerce, Everjourney is offering up quality. Thank you for your support.