Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Service: Tale One

For Everjourney, the Angeles National Forest, in Southern California, has served up plenty of inspiration. For tale one of Sunday Service, a monthly feature presenting quality ride options, it seemed fitting to include prime stomping grounds for Everjourney.

During December, #YoungBird and #FreeBird bagged some time in the mountains. By climbing both Mt. Lowe and Mt. Disappointment, plenty of upness was achieved. With more than 6,000' of vertical gain, this 44-mile ride left a serious sting in the legs.

The climb to Mt. Lowe is no joke.

Favorites for many SoCal wanderers, Mt. Lowe and Mt. Disappointment are unique.

Mt. Lowe is named after Thaddeus S.C. Lowe, who is considered the first man to set foot atop Mt. Lowe. Additionally, he left his mark by planting the American flag. Mt. Lowe may be conquered by way of Echo Mountain or Chaney Trail, which is a fireroad that graded over an old railway.

Love it.
Mt. Lowe offers quality views.

Mt. Disappointment possesses a neat backstory. Spotted from the Santa Susana Mountains, United States Geological Survey surveyors wanted to use Mt. Disappointment as an additional triangulation point. Once atop Mt. Disappointment, they realized that it was not the tallest mountain in the immediate area, hence their disappointment. From 1955-65, a Nike missile site was active on Mt. Disappointment. For the site to exist, the top of Mt. Disappointment was flattened.

Within the Everjourney logo, the peak of Mt. Disappointment is outlined, due to its positive inspiration for both Everjourney and More Sending, Less Pretending, a tagline for accessories and apparel.

Within Everjourney's logo, Mt. Disappointment is outlined.

During your next cycling adventure in Southern California, consider tagging a Lowe, Disappointment double. With extreme views of Los Angeles, as well as quality gravel climbing, its a must.


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