Thursday, April 26, 2018

Everjourney: Inspiration Turned Motivation

Motivated by the adventure and freedom of cycling, Everjourney is a storytelling project that aims to inspire, all while remaining present in the moment. Wherever you are, be all there.

Centered. Photo: Adam Evard.

Everjourney is meant to resemble the everlasting journey of life. "Ever" represents wherever and whenever. "Journ" represents journalism, storytelling. "Journey" is self explanatory. A hodgepodge to carry deeper meaning, Everjourney is about adventure and travel, finding your outlet, and being present in the moment.

Above San Luis Obispo, California, there are plenty of opportunities for exploration. Photo: Adam Evard.

Through features, images, videos, routes, and reviews, Everjourney aims to inspire, while showcasing the sport of cycling. There is power in two wheels, and it needs to be highlighted.

Braaappp. Photo: Adam Evard.
Climbing up. Photo: Adam Evard.

Before Everjourney, there was "Sean Bird's Cycling Blog," which focused on reviews of popular cycling products. However, with influence from Thereabouts and Team Dream Bicycling Team, Everjourney was born. With the idea of carrying deeper meaning, all while personalizing the sport of cycling, and adding original flair, Everjourney offers a wider variety of media content, in addition to custom water bottles and cycling kit.

While media and content evolved fairly naturally, design has been a continuous process. Being raised in a suburb of Los Angeles, Southern California's style, pizzazz, and flair was influential. After beginning to admire fashion, subtle conversations with family and friends started to occur. Why can't we produce apparel and accessories ourselves? From this, well, we got jamming.

More Sending, Less Pretending is a ridiculous phrase that blossomed on an afternoon ride in the Angeles National Forest, while pedaling with Brad Wiggs, Senior Vice President of Design Consultation and Decision Making. Now, it's a catchphrase for apparel and accessories that highlights the true meaning of Everjourney, a spirited project that is meant to promote cycling.

The man himself, Brad Wiggs.
More Sending, Less Pretending aboard one of our latest custom bottles.
More Sending, Less Pretending aboard one of our latest custom bottles. Photo: Adam Evard.
From bottles to kit, More Sending, Less Pretending is a focal point. Photo: Adam Evard.

Again, with inspiration from Thereabouts and Team Dream Bicycling Team, we're adding our original twist on cycling, through media content and custom items, all while showcasing the sport, as well as the adventure and freedom that it offers.

Take it all in. Photo: Adam Evard.

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