Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Product Sale: Euro Steeze Everjourney Socks

In collaboration with DeFeet, Everjourney is offering custom socks, within the More Sending, Less Pretending moniker. For our first take with DeFeet, we're offering a single set of freshies.

For this iteration, the Everjourney logo is included on both sides of a white, five-inch cuff. On the sole of both socks, More Sending, Less Pretending is included. Named with our European counterparts in mind, we rolled with a Euro Steeze (style + ease) title. Paired with a custom Everjourney kit, these socks are a simple, subtle addition.

Kick back and relax. Remember, More Sending, Less Pretending.
Prime time.
In collaboration with DeFeet, we're stoked on this product.

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