Monday, August 27, 2018

Checking Out, Discovering, Creating...

First and foremost, while it is never mentioned enough, thank you for your support of Everjourney. As a brand inspired by the adventure and freedom of cycling, while aiming to convey this passion and emotion to additional cyclists, we're eager to continue creating, discovering, and exposing the flair-filled side of cycling.

Recently, with social media, we've been in a bit of a funk. Yes, while this is certainly a piece of conveying a certain story, Brad Wiggs and Colin Patterson will be assisting with this side of Everjourney. Through our Instagram stories, who knows what will be appearing.

Goofin', always. Photo: AJ Krappman Photo.

Meanwhile, I am returning to what originally inspired Everjourney, including neighborhood rides, color-swatch watching, consistent discovery, and meaningful creativity.

While we continue to offer a variety of cycling kits, as well as apparel and accessories, additional designs and concepts will be floating to the surface. In addition to accessories and apparel, content continues to be a primary focus, with additional plans for an upcoming Everjourney adventure this fall.

Pop, pop, pop. It's our summer pop cycling kit. Photo: AJ Krappman Photo.

If you missed our first adventure short, 32S13, give it a gander. For this project, massive contributions from Jacob Chess, Isobelle Espiritu, and AJ Krappman took place.

In the past, excessive amounts of design and photography have occurred at the hands of Lance Bird and Adam Evard. If anything about Everjourney piques your interest, these men have likely played a massive part.

With the assistance of DeFeet, Jakroo, and Skinnies, we're eager to continue moving forward, creating, discovering, and finding a balance between real-world interactions and online promotions.

Throughout this process, thank you for your support. Please, be sure to holler with any recommendations, comments, or concerns. Otherwise, we'll see you out there.


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